Maxi Cosi Adorra vs UPPAbaby Cruz

If parents love to spend the time outside with their little one while enjoying the fresh air and some quality time to refresh the mood, having a stroller like Maxi Cosi Adorra Vs UPPAbaby Cruz will be very convenient because we don’t have to carry our baby all the time. These models are high-quality and offer all the features we often want in a daily stroller. Before shopping, go check what they can offer and which will fit your family the most below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Shop for a Baby Stroller
  • What are Maxi Cosi Adorra and UPPAbaby Cruz
  • What Maxi Cosi Adorra and UPPAbaby Cruz Look Like
  • How are the Canopy in Maxi Cosi Adorra and UPPAbaby Cruz
  • How are the Passenger Seat in Maxi Cosi Adorra and UPPAbaby Cruz
  • How are the Folding System of Maxi Cosi Adorra and UPPAbaby Cruz
  • Maxi Cosi Adorra Vs UPPAbaby Cruz

Baby Stroller

Baby stroller is almost like a must have for parents who will be taking their little one outdoors doing some activities together or just hanging out with your friends and family enjoying the weekend together. They are useful because we don’t need to hold our baby all the time while walking or doing other tasks that require some physical movement and in addition, you can move freely with stroller compared to when for example doing grocery shopping while keeping still as they sleep soundly.

If this is your first time buying a stroller or if this is your first born, there is probably some confusion on which model to buy or whether the unit is suitable for your family, and for new parents out there, here are some factors you may want to consider when getting a new stroller or travel system set.

  • Stroller Types

Stroller types are probably the first and most important factor to check whenever deciding to buy a new one because there are several of them. A full-sized stroller is essentially a regular stroller but with a higher capacity, sturdier frame for daily use, and most cases can be used with an infant car seat. Lightweight stroller or umbrella stroller is for a bigger baby who can sit properly and is ideal for traveling parents. Jogging strollers have three-wheel design and are ideal for active parents who want to take their baby along in the journey.

  • Travel System Set

This is the best option for parents with a newborn because it allows you to carry the baby from day one with the infant car seat. You can purchase the stroller and car seat separately from different brands but not all strollers will match the car seat and vice versa so getting them in a travel system set will save you lots of time checking their compatibility.

  • Twins Stroller

This is the most ideal for parents with twin children or siblings who are close in age because we can use one stroller for both of them. In most models the seat is lined to each other side by side but there are strollers that offer an ability to stack up seats to accommodate more passengers which is great if you are concerned about how to navigate the unit.

  • Stroller Canopy

This is one of the first things we see in a stroller because it is very useful when you will be walking outside especially if the little one is fussy about the bright sun rays. We prefer wide canopy for its coverage and folding ability or even additional visor to cover the room from the opposite direction or when getting caught in the rain.

 Maxi Cosi Adorra UPPAbaby Cruz
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions14.5 x 20.5 x 27 inches
35.2 x 21.9 x 11.1 inches
Item Weight34 pounds
23 pounds

About Maxi Cosi Adorra and UPPAbaby Cruz

The best stroller is the one that fits your family and needs so before going to shop for one, if possible try listing what features and capabilities the unit needs to have for example they have to be suitable with certain infant car seat or have a higher weight capacity to accommodate your baby and their belongings such a diaper bag or water bottle. This list combined with your budget or allowance can be the guide to choose which unit we can bring home.

For parents who don’t have much time to spare, deciding the brand will cut the shopping process effectively and if you have a favorite brand already, we can stick to them and choose what they can offer. Among those many stroller brands, Maxi Cosi and UPPAbaby are our choice when it is about high quality as well as rich featured stroller. These brands are more expensive than most strollers but you will get various useful features that can add into their versatility.

These brands also have several popular models and two of them are Maxi Cosi Adorra and UPPAbaby Cruz which are equally offering a versatility into the unit. These strollers will carry your baby just like any other models out there but the best benefit is that their seat will also carry smaller babies who are not old enough yet to sit on their own but without the additional bulk of infant car seats, making them useful since very early moments.

Both of them are falling into full-size stroller type and ideal when being used as your daily stroller for example to the park or just spending some time enjoying the scenery around you. They are easy to transport with a private vehicle but can be a hassle when you want them to be as easy and convenient as an umbrella or lightweight stroller. Overall, you can stroll with ease using any of these models yet, they are also different on some parts.

Maxi Cosi Adorra and UPPAbaby Cruz Design

The first thing we love about Maxi Cosi Adorra and UPPAbaby Cruz is their stylish appearance with a high quality frame and fabric. On some cheap strollers, sometimes fabric can become an issue because they tend to feel coarse or there is not enough padding to offer the best comfort and this is not a problem you will find in these strollers. The color option is elegant and the fabric is very nice to touch while the frame is thick and firm.

These stroller maximum weight capacities are the same which is up to 50 lbs. and side by side, their dimensions are comparable to each other. Adorra is about 44.4-inch tall, 34.2-inch deep, and 23.4-inch wide compared to 40-inch tall, 37-5-inch deep, and 22.8-inch wide Cruz. Their frame and seat combine weight are also very similar to each other but the latter is just slightly lighter in comparison between 26 lbs. to 25.5 lbs. Read also: Chicco Bravo Trio Vs Mini Bravo Plus.

Maxi Cosi Adorra and UPPAbaby Cruz Canopy

As it has been mentioned above, the first thing we see in a stroller is their canopy and what we love about Maxi Cosi Adorra and UPPAbaby Cruz canopy is they are wide enough to cover the seat and its passenger when fully extended. There are three and two panels of canopies respectively in these models but side by side they cover about the same area of the seat and if extended fully, there are visors in each canopies to add a little bit of extra protection during the day.

If you check the top of these canopies, you will also find a small mesh window covered with the fabric to conceal it when not being used. This peek window is great to check on your little one while we push the stroller around without stopping.

Maxi Cosi Adorra and UPPAbaby Cruz Passenger Seat

The next and most interesting part of these strollers is their seat and we say it interesting because the seat is convertible. Most strollers will allow you to adjust the backrest of the seat to recline a bit and allow the children to sleep better but here you can make the seat lay flat to accommodate smaller babies who can’t sit properly yet. However, we do think that Adorra works better in this application because the seat is more padded.

You can make Cruz more comfortable by adding more cushioning inside to fully provide the best room for the baby and furthermore, you can fold the footrest panel upward as well when used in this application. Additionally, the seat is removable from the frame and you can convert the stroller into a carrier with their suitable infant car seat or if you are more comfortable, both brands also offer baby bassinet with wider room for your infant.

Maxi Cosi Adorra and UPPAbaby Cruz Folding System

The last point we want to mention is their folding system and this is also important if you will be transporting the unit frequently. Thankfully, while Maxi Cosi Adorra and UPPAbaby Cruz are full-size strollers, they are not cumbersome to fold and our favorite part is that they can stand on their own, making it easier to store. What you need to do is fold the canopy and with Adorra press the slider on top of the main seat to fold the seat down.

Next is using the handle bar that is located in between the frame to collapse the upper frame into half. With Cruz, pull the slider on both sides of the handlebar and this will activate the folding so the handlebar will come down as the front wheel is up. Last is folding the foot rest by pressing the buttons on its side.

Maxi Cosi Adorra vs UPPAbaby Cruz

These strollers are pretty much similar to each other on the main capabilities and features. Both of them can convert the seat into a flat reclining position for smaller babies to sleep while using the seat and also allow you to remove the seat completely from the frame. What’s different is that Adorra has more foam on the seat for better comfort and its folding system is simpler as well, in comparison to Cruz.

- Carriage mode with full recline gives infants a comfy ride from birth
- Includes Cozi-Dozi infant support for smaller babies
- Rear-facing seat allows child to see parent. Canopy with peek-a-boo window and flip out visor
- Forward-facing seat gives child a view of the road ahead
- Compact stroller frame that stands when folded
- Includes full size front and rear facing toddler seat with a one-handed multi-position recline
- Performance travel system compatible with mesa infant car seat-direct attachment no adapters necessary
- X-large easy-access basket - 2.7 cubic feet with a weight limit of 25 pounds


You can pick any of these strollers because they are equally ideal and versatile but we do prefer Adorra because not only it is cheaper, the seat is much more comfortable and it is easier to fold the stroller when you need to transport it often.


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