Maxi Cosi Lila vs UPPAbaby Vista

Being a new parent you may have to learn lots of new knowledge on how to properly take care of our little one but worry not, since there are many tools that we can utilize to ease the job in which one of them is a stroller such as Maxi Cosi Lila Vs UPPAbaby Vista. These strollers are going to keep your baby comfortable but also allow you to move freely and before deciding to choose one, go check which will be the best answer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Choose the Best Stroller
  • What are Maxi Cosi Lila and UPPAbaby Vista
  • What Maxi Cosi Lila and UPPAbaby Vista Look Like
  • How are the Canopy in Maxi Cosi Lila and UPPAbaby Vista
  • How are the Seat in Maxi Cosi Lila and UPPAbaby Vista
  • How to Fold Maxi Cosi Lila and UPPAbaby Vista
  • Maxi Cosi Lila Vs UPPAbaby Vista

Shopping for a Stroller

As humans strive for the better they invent lots of new tools to assist their daily work and simplify processes that used to take time or a huge effort to finish. For parents, one tool most of us must have is a baby stroller, it is not essential but you will want one if imagining having to spend hours holding our baby while standing or moving sounds like an inconvenience. They are very useful for traveling and our go-to for almost every outdoor activity.

Strollers are made for every parent but not every parent needs the same stroller or stroller in general because we can and will be fine without one as long as you are fine with having to carry and hold your baby constantly while doing the activity. Here are some tips to decide which stroller to buy or which model will fit the family the most.

  • Budget

Every time we want to buy something, budget is the first and most important part to consider in case it is not unlimited because there is no need to buy something expensive if the affordable version is already good enough.  An expensive stroller usually has a much sturdier built or convenience features that make up its production cost but in general, many traditional strollers are around $300 or lower while the high-end ones can cost more than $700 per unit or set.

Stroller or Travel System

Some people may use these terms interchangeably but in fact they are different yet, the difference is only what’s present in the set because a travel system will also include the infant car seat in your package. This is a great choice if you will be using the system since day one for we don’t have to shop the gear separately and having them from the same set will make sure that the seat is compatible with the stroller frame without adapter.

  • Stroller Types

Between strollers and travel systems, we also have stroller types which may sound complicated but actually very simple. Standard strollers have a robust build, they are made for everyday use and in most cases have a 4-wheel system to provide the best balance but, they are heavy or not as compact for traveling. On the other hand, a lightweight or umbrella stroller is ideal for traveling parents and those living in urban areas. Some use a 3-wheel system and various models can be folded to fit in a compact bag.

Another 3-wheel stroller that looks like a lightweight model is jogger a jogging stroller and while it only has 3 wheels, you can easily distinguish them by the tire as they are made of rubber and filled with air to provide some cushioning including with some suspension system on all wheels or just some of them.

 Maxi Cosi LilaUPPAbaby Vista
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions38.1 x 21 x 16 inches
24 x 17 x 34 inches
Item Weight40 pounds
50 pounds

About Maxi Cosi Lila and UPPAbaby Vista

When you already decide the budget, which to go between getting just a stroller or in set with the infant car seat, as well as what type of stroller to buy, now is the time to see what the market has to offer. There are tons of strollers out there and all of them will be able to carry your baby but different models will also deliver different performance including the overall quality depending on the type and price range.

For those who are looking for best quality products and are fine with spending quite a lot to achieve a great performance or convenience, Maxi Cosi and UPPAbaby will be two of the most ideal picks to try. These premium brands are not going to save you some budget but they are indeed those among few that manufactures amazing strollers. Beside the material quality, you will also love how they put various useful features in the product which can improve their convenience.

If this sounds like what you want from the stroller, Maxi Cosi Lila and UPPAbaby Vista are going to be very promising options. Both of them are unlike any standard strollers that can only provide one function for these two are versatile in many ways. They are ideal for parents with small babies or those who can’t sit properly yet but will continue being useful as they grow up. The prominent difference will be how long you can keep the stroller for one child and some interesting features we may need.

Lila from Maxi Cosi is a very popular choice for new parents with newborn babies who want to spend some of their time strolling at the park or with an active lifestyle but above all this model is made to provide the greatest comfort for infants and smaller babies. Vista on the other hand is more of an extension stroller for its extendable ability and for this set, you will also receive a baby bassinet instead of an infant car seat. Read also: Maxi Cosi Adorra Vs Lila.

Maxi Cosi Lila and UPPAbaby Vista Design

One of the things we love from expensive strollers is their material and here you can see how Maxi Cosi Lila and UPPAbaby Vista are made with high quality fabric, they are soft to touch but also thick and seem durable with various different shades of fashion options to choose from. The frames are thick and robust but also lightweight in comparison to many other daily or full size strollers yet, in comparison Vista is actually slightly lighter by a pound.

Side by side, size wise they are pretty much identical because unfolded with the children seat, they are about 39-inch tall, 25-inch wide, while in depth the Vista may be longer than Lila unfolded. As you can see, both of them are standard 4-wheel strollers with rear wheels larger than its front part and here they are using the same forever tire which is great for any flat surface but is lacking in cushioning despite being pretty durable.

Maxi Cosi Lila and UPPAbaby Vista Canopy

When checking out a new stroller, the first part that caught our attention is their canopy and this is going to be so important to make sure our little one will be able to enjoy their trip without having to be exposed to sun rays especially infants. These canopies are huge and will cover most of the front part while can also be folded or extended to add more protection in which Lila will even provide a flexible mesh cover to make sure infants can lay down covered fully from the sun rays.

Maxi Cosi Lila and UPPAbaby Vista Seat

The next point we want to talk about is their seat and this is what shines the most in Maxi Cosi Lila and UPPAbaby Vista because here you will have various options to choose starting from infancy stage to youth. What you may want to keep in mind is that the children seat will only be able to carry up to 35 lbs. weight in Lila while Vista can hold up to 55 lbs. These seats are reclining especially with Lila that you can push down to lay flat.

Combined with the included padding, we can use this stroller in this mode for infant or smaller babies who can’t sit properly yet. Vista seats can be reclined as well but the padding for infants from this set is not as contoured as the one we get from Maxi Cosi. If you want the baby to move more freely, we can use the bassinet included and in both strollers, you can remove the seat completely from their frame as well.

Another interesting feature of Maxi Cosi Lila and UPPAbaby Vista is their ability to be extendable which means you can add another seat into the frame. This will require an adapter to be placed in a slot slightly above the front wheel making both of them ideal for parents with twins or close age children.

Maxi Cosi Lila and UPPAbaby Vista Folding System

The last point we want to talk about these strollers is their folding mechanism because all of us love easy and compact folding that require less effort and time. Lila will need you to put away the basket first and then fold the canopy. There is a slider on the handle that you can activate and this action will fold the stroller into half on top of its wheels. Vista will also need you to fold its canopy first but with two sliders on each of the handles, we can fold the stroller more compact in half size. 

If you don’t fold the handlebar as well, this stroller will be able to stand on its own in an upright position which is great if you will be storing the unit while outside such as parking it before entering a store or when dining out and easy storing in the car’s trunk.

Maxi Cosi Lila vs UPPAbaby Vista

Any of these strollers are modular and can be useful from day one until the children are old enough to exceed the weight limit. What sets them apart from each other is mainly on the seat as Lila will sustain a lower weight limit but, the seat is more ideal for infants as it has a great padding. Vista will give you a bassinet if this compartment is more comfortable and in a folding system, we like Vista better as it consumes less space.

- Quick carriage mode lay-flat seat with a simple touch
- Ergonomic newborn inlay designed with memory foam
- Full size canopy with integrated privacy shade
- Large removable shopping basket
- Includes and full size front or rear facing toddler seat with multi-position recline
- Compatible with MESA Infant Car Seat - direct attachment, no adapters necessary
- New Longer mattress pad with ventilation for added breathability
- One-step fold with or without seat attached


All in all you will be satisfied with any of these models but for parents who plan to only use the stroller until the kid is old enough to run or walk on their own, Lila will be more ideal yet parents who will want to use the stroller for longer, Vista can support older children’s weight.


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