Maxi Cosi Magellan vs Pria 85

As a parent we want to provide the best protection for our children and using a proper car seat is a huge help to avoid severe injury that may threaten their life. Among those many options, Maxi Cosi Magellan vs Pria 85 can be a good choice to go with the safety capability and some additional features to ease the use of these car seats. If you wonder which can be the better option, check what they can offer to you in our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a car seat
– What are Maxi Cosi Magellan and Pria 85
– What Maxi Cosi Magellan and Pria 85 Look Like
– Are Maxi Cosi Magellan and Pria 85 Safe
– How are the Fit of Maxi Cosi Magellan and Pria 85
– How are the Installation of Maxi Cosi Magellan and Pria 85
– Maxi Cosi Magellan vs Pria 85

Choosing Car Seat
We never knew what will happen to our family in the future and we are constantly worrying over our children when they are far from us. It is a natural thing parents do and we want to provide the best for them whenever we are able to make sure they are happy and safe including when they are travelling with car. It is almost every day we heard about vehicle accident in news and fear that the same thing will happen to our family.

We indeed can’t read the future or prevent bad things from happening but we always can prepare for those moments from now so when the bad event take place, we are ready and know what we need to do to minimize the bad impact.

A car seat is designed to provide the proper protection for our children thus, when there is an accident, their body will be restrained in the seat and cushioned with padding and frame so the impact will be lesser on their body.

A car seat will work in a similar way like a regular seat in our car but with better fit because those seat are designed for adult and they are too big for children which is why we will need some booster or car seat with the correct fit depend on how big our children already is. Like infant car seat, convertible seat and combination seat are very popular because they are made with a wider age and weight range to fit children longer. Read also: Maxi Cosi Zelia vs UPPAbaby Cruz here

Since there are so many options out there, it is our task to look for the best for our children or at least have the kind of features we want and available in a range of price we are willing to spend. All car seat can provide the initial and main protection purpose but depend on the brand and model, not all of them are the same since some manufacturers put another features on their seat to attract customer better than their rivals.

The number of car seats available is indeed numerous and will take some time to select but if you don’t want to spend much time reading those many articles on recommended car seat, one of the fastest way is to look from a popular brand because just like everybody knew, well-known brand will most likely to offer good and dependable product as well and have a reliable support in case we find some issues after purchase that we don’t know how to deal with.

About Maxi Cosi Magellan and Pria 85
One of the most popular car seat brand in current market is Maxi Cosi and we are sure parents are already familiar with the brand or even used one of them before since they also offer other baby gear like stroller in their catalogue.

On the car seat line, they are also offering so many options for parents and while all of them are good with the same initial capabilities, depend on the model option, some of them may also feature with additional safety or comfort.

If the one you need is a convertible car seat and your children is still a toddler or a bit older, you may want to check their Magellan and Pria 85 convertible car seat. Both of them are able to be used for several years or until your children exceed the weight limit or height thus, we don’t have to purchase another car seat shortly after. They mostly have the same features but Magellan seems to be better than  Pria 85 in several sides.

Maxi Cosi Magellan and Pria 85 Design
From the sample picture above, we can see that Maxi Cosi Magellan and Pria 85 are quite similar to each other in design but also different because the shape is not the same with Magellan being deeper than Pria. The padding is also different because Pria side padding on hip area somehow taller than those in the other model while for the removable padding, Magellan is thicker especially on hip area. Both have similar five point harness and additional cup holder placed in their armrest.

Maxi Cosi Magellan and Pria 85 Safety
Just like many other car seat in the market, Maxi Cosi products are also required to pass the standard of safety in car seat so the unit is already meeting those requirement and are safe to use by providing the proper protection for children in case there is an accident while on the road. However, both of Maxi Cosi Magellan and Pria 85 are more than that because standard is not enough anymore for people today and as parent we want a higher level for our children.

This is why the manufacturer put additional safety feature in both of these car seat that especially designed to minimize injury due to side impact and it is called as Air Protect. This system work to protect our children head in such accident by instantly reduce the impact forces of crash which most critically may happen around children’s head and diverting them away from dangerous area into the absorbing headrest.

Maxi Cosi Magellan and Pria 85 Fit
If the safety features in both car seats are the same, what will makes them different is on the fit itself and we have to pay much attention to this part for they are going to decide if our children fit the seat or not. Just like the name Pria 85 will have a maximum weight limit of 85 pounds which is also the highest weight limit a harness can offer as of 2016. At the other hand, Magellan is coming with an even higher weight limit of 120 pounds.

The complete name of Magellan is 5-in-1 car seat and it is understandable why since with the minimal weight limit of 5 pounds, it means we can use this seat up until they are old enough to use booster car seat with seat belt and not with harness or around 10 years of use. Pria 85 itself can only be used from 15 pounds, so smaller baby are not suitable with the seat and more proper for toddler.

The best benefit of Magellan with the huge weight range limit is we don’t have to purchase another car seat for 10 years later as long as they don’t exceed the expiration date and never been in an accident. Pria 85 itself can be used for several years but not as long as Magellan and due to the lower weight limit, we can no longer use them when our children is heavier, taller or older who need a booster seat with belt positioning.

Both of Maxi Cosi Magellan and Pria 85 also featured with few reclining positions but most of them will be used when children is in rear-facing mode and not made to adjust the comfort but to properly install and place the seat in the correct angle that we will need to do when fitting a baby or toddler. However, they allow parents to adjust the height or headrest to be taller to provide better fit while our children is growing.

What set them apart in this side is Magellan will have more or wider adjustment range due to the ability to fit older children and being a booster seat as well with 14 height position while Pria 85 have less.

Maxi Cosi Magellan and Pria 85 Installation
On installation, both of Maxi Cosi Magellan and Pria 85 are also very similar and we can use both LATCH and seat belt to secure them that are designed to be easier to use. However, we need to keep in mind that LATCH have weight limit it can secure unlike seat belt installation, so if your children and seat total weight is more than 65 pounds, it is better to use seat belt instead for it won’t properly hold the seat in case there is an extreme movement.

On maintenance side, sometime we have to wash our car seat since they can get dirty after quite the time or when our children spill their sippy cups. Fortunately, these seats allow us to remove the cover without necessarily removing the seat to wash.

Now, let’s compare Maxi Cosi Magelan with Pria 85. As you may already know, the prominent difference between these car seat is on their fit because Magellan can be used from baby until they are old enough to use booster seat and secured with seat belt or for 10 years while Pria 85 can only last for several years and can’t be used as booster seat. Additionally, Magellan have more height adjustment and two cup holders in each of its armrest while Pria only have one.

Maxi Cosi Magellan vs Pria 85

- 10 YEARS OF ADVENTURE, 1 CAR SEAT: The Magellan 5-in-1 convertible car seat grows with your child and provides a perfect fit from birth to 10 years (5-120 lbs.)
- KEEP SAFETY WHERE YOU NEED IT: Adjustable torso side impact protection with 14-position headrest adjustment creates a customized fit for all growth stages; rear-facing, forward-facing, and even a belt-positioning booster.
- EASY TO INSTALL: Integrated belt lock-offs designed for easy and secure installation; One-click LATCH connectors install and release easily for an alternative installation.
-This extra-comfortable, LATCH-equipped Maxi-Cosi car seat is the only premium convertible car seat that offers a first-class ride, rear-facing from 5 to 40 pounds and 22 to 85 pounds forward-facing.
- The ClipQuik auto-magnetic chest clip opens easily with one hand from the front, sliding together and locking on its own when you're securing your child.
- Keep straps out of the way for easy boarding with the handy harness holders, and the flip away buckle won't get in the way while your child gets in and out.

All in all both of them can be a great option if your baby is ready to move from its former seat. However, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Maxi Cosi Magellan because this car seat fit is wide, probably one of the widest available so we don’t have to purchase another seat for years to come.

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