Maxi Cosi Zelia vs UPPAbaby Cruz

When having a children, we have to take care of them and make sure they are getting all the things they need including taking them to places and introduce them to the world and their surroundings. Carrying them manually is good but it can be very tiring if we decide to stay longer and this is why we will need a stroller. There are so many good options out there such as Maxi Cosi Zelia vs UPPAbaby Cruz. If you also eyeing them, go check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a stroller
– What are Maxi Cosi Zelia and UPPAbaby Cruz
– What Maxi Cosi Zelia and UPPAbaby Cruz Look Like
– What Maxi Cosi Zelia and UPPAbaby Cruz can offer to you
– Maxi Cosi Zelia vs UPPAbaby Cruz

Choosing Stroller
Stroller is one of the most popular baby gear we have to purchase when having a children because they will help us carrying our little one while we go outside for just a stroll or doing other activities like spend some leisure time and shopping. We can choose to carry them manually but it can be very tiring so we can’t do that for a prolonged time and it can also hinder our movement. With stroller, we can carry them and move around easily without the weight.

Just like many other things, a stroller is available in many types and model so we have to choose those based on our needs. Some stroller are designed to be able to carry more than one children, some are created to be easier to maneuver and light while the other can be pushed while jogging or running. This is important because each family have different needs and the best stroller will be those made to give us all the features we wished to have.

Since there are so many options out there in the market, choosing one for our family will take some efforts and time, moreover, if we want those rich in features. The fastest way is to see what other people can recommend us or pick from well-known brand thus, we can narrow down the number quickly and find our preferred item in no time.

About Maxi Cosi Zelia
Among those many dependable brands in the market, Maxi Cosi will be a good option to go. We are sure many parents already heard their name before because they are very popular with their collection of dependable strollers and car seats that are not only nice to the eyes but also useful with all the features included. They are a Europe based company and among the best in the market with trusted quality and it is proven by how many customers satisfied about their products.

If you need a stroller that can be carried and push easily in an urban area and won’t be a hinder when placed in your car’s trunk when taking your children to spend the weekend on a leisure spots then Zelia will be a suitable option. This stroller is very compact and made to ease parents when taking their baby outside but can be used to carry car seats as well because the frame is suitable with the infant car seat and made it a travel system. However, the car seat will need an adapter to be attached properly.

Maxi Cosi Zelia Design
When looking at Zelia for the first time, we thought that this stroller is very stylish with the choice of fabric and sturdy frame but the color option is limited and there is less pattern to choose. The stroller is available for purchase separately or in a set with the travel system which will be paired with Mico 30 infant car seat. The stroller weight is only 21 pounds which is quite light while the weight limit is 50 pounds just like many standard strollers out there.

Maxi Cosi Zelia Features
The first thing we notice when looking at any stroller is usually the canopy because they are located at where our eyes first land. Maxi Cosi Zelia  canopy is one of our favorite in the market because as you can see, their canopy is big made from 3 panels and can be extended until covering half of the seat, leaving very small gaps for sun rays to enter the stroller. The material is also good and there is a small peek-a-boo window above to check our children.

Above this canopy, here we can see the toddler seat and when touched, the padding feels soft and plush while the harness also featured with additional padding to enhance the comfort when our children take the seat. However, what we love the most about this stroller toddler seat is it can be converted into a bassinet since the seat can be laid flat which is of course not available in all strollers. Bassinet is preferable for longer stroll when carrying baby because it is wider compared to car seat.

Moving up from the seat, here we can see the handlebar and in Maxi Cosi Zelia, the design is connected. The handle is slightly padded to promote more comfort but what’s good here is we can adjust the length to be higher or lower, so parents with taller and shorter height can enjoy pushing the stroller without feeling awkward especially in long stroll. Below the handle, there is a wide main compartment to carry our bags or any belongings while outside.

As for the wheel, Maxi Cosi Zelia use a 4-wheel design and they are EVA foam which means they are forever inflated. The rear is bigger than its front and the suspension is only available on the rear-wheels. We can lock them as well when strolling on a rougher terrain to make the stroller more stable.

About UPPAbaby Cruz
Since there are so many options out there, we can look for another option first before deciding to go with one of them because we need to compare them and see which item will provide us with the best features or at least available in the range of price we are willing to spend. If you like the kind of features in Maxi Cosi Zelia then you will need to check what UPPAbaby has to offer as well especially the Cruz stroller.

This stroller is very similar to Zelia because they are made to fit parents who live in an urban area and need a lightweight stroller to ease them when carrying their baby outside without the weight. The one in our article is only the stroller but we can purchase few accessories to go with the frame including bassinet and car seat from the brand when you need them as well.

UPPAbaby Cruz Design
Just like many other light stroller, UPPAbaby Cruz is slim and lightweight but the frame is quite sturdy so we don’t have to worry as long as the maximum weight of 50 pounds is not exceeded. The design is good and stylish with several color options to pick and accessories we can purchase. The complete frame and seat only weigh around 21.5 pounds while the stroller is a full type with 4-wheel to support all the weight and move the stroller around.

UPPAbaby Cruz Features
Let’s talk about the canopy first because they are clearly presented but often missed by parents though it is one of the most important feature in a stroller, moreover, if our children is fussy about being exposed to sun rays. UPPAbaby Cruz have canopy made from 2 panels and can be adjusted to fully extended or folded when the weather is nice along with a window to check on our little one while strolling.

What we love the most about this canopy is they have a UV protection that can be extended to cover the front gap until reaching the bumper bar. Coming with the unit we will also get a rain and bug shield to cover the front part fully so then we can be ready for any seasons to come. Moving down, here we can see the toddler seat and this seat is padded with the harness to be both comfortable and safe while riding. Read also: Chicco Bravo Trio vs Graco Modes here.

What we like from this seat is they can be easily detach and repositioned which means we can reverse the position to face parents. This is good if your children like the position and allow parents to bond with children while strolling. The frame also able to take both car seat and bassinet accessories from the brand if you have a baby who are still too small for toddler seat.

Moving up, we can see its adjustable handle and a big compartment to carry your bags and toys or snack for your children. The wheels are featured with forever tire and there is also suspension for elevated comfort.

Now, let’s compare Maxi Cosi Zelia with UPPAbaby Cruz. As you may already know, the prominent difference between these two strollers is on the seat because Zelia toddler seat can be converted into bassinet while Cruz seat can be placed facing the parents. Another difference is on the accessories because Cruz pack the stroller with some extras like bug and rain shields.

Maxi Cosi Zelia vs UPPAbaby Cruz

- The Maxi-Cosi 5-in-1 Modular Travel System includes the lightest infant car seat in the Maxi Cosi class and comes complete with the stay-in-car base and a stylish, easy-to-maneuver stroller.
- Attach the car seat carrier and easily transfer your baby from your vehicle to the stroller. Keep your child comfortable with a reversible seat and carriage that faces to the front or rear.
- The Ultimate travel system bundle. Includes Cruz Stroller and Mesa Infant Car Seat.
- Mesa Car seat Adapters included.

All in all, both of them are a good choice if you need a stroller with many features. However, if your children is still an infant or you plan to use it since the first day, we will highly recommend you to choose Maxi Cosi Zelia because it can already be used to carry infant.

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