Maxi Cosi Zelia Vs Uppababy Vista

The end of the year is always synonymous with long holidays. Every parent must have plans for a vacation with their children, and it is interesting to walk into the planned areas. Therefore, parents must provide the best for their children.

Traveling nowadays has become an obligation that must be done by everyone, amidst busy work schedules, many people prefer to have a vacation to their favorite place either alone, with friends or family to get relaxation and refresh their mind.

However, there are things that usually disturb when traveling with family, especially married couples who have just had children, because not all babies who are taken traveling will always be silent, it’s normal for babies to show an active attitude, cry and even want to be carried by their parents.

One way to make traveling comfortable with a baby is to pay attention to a stroller or baby stroller. Picking a correct stroller for your condition could be tricky if you don’t have anything in mind or preferences.

That’s why, we here brought the two strollers, Maxi Cosi Zelia and Uppababy Vista, along with the explanations about them. Which one is actually a better stroller? Let’s find out.

Maxi Cosi Zelia – $ 399

Have you ever heard about Zelia before? It’s a 2-in-1 stroller that also became one of the best ones in 2019. It’s a complete package to buy if you want to have a reliable stroller, since it already has car seat adapters and built-in raincover. It arrived with the goal of bringing a neat solution for urban travel complexity.

 Maxi Cosi Zelia Uppababy Vista
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Product Dimensions22.5 x 22.5 x 33.8 inches29 x 23.8 x 18.9 inches
Item Weight21 pounds46.3 pounds

Overall weight is just 6.2 kilograms, with a strong and light durable chassis. The bulky and weighty side of a stroller is eliminated here, eases the pain of parents who have to be facing the crowdedness of public transport. But keep in mind that even though it’s very light, the wheels that came with it are pretty wide. Some even won’t fit through some shops’ doors.

Even though overall build is strong, they also didn’t forget to add the soft touch accent to the handlebar. It is now covered in leather material and can be adjusted from 98 to the maximum 103 cm with a simple palm button right in the center. The wheels also received a finishing touch with the color of white right around the edge, giving the vibe of a modern and stylish stroller.

The Braking system is fully supported by the level located on the right-hand wheel. It’s easy to use when stopping at bus stops or crossing zebra cross. Shopping basket is like a gift from God to the parents. Fortunately, you can find it, and this time, it’s pretty big. You can fill anything you want in there, shopping stuff, additional baby things, all fits neatly in there.

As mentioned before, Zelia is a 2-in-1 stroller, making it really versatile. In order to change the morph or the structure of the stroller, you just need to utilize some clicks. For creating a flat-bottomed shape, you can unclip the buckles and slide the cord grip correctly. This position is advised for 6 months baby or under and it’s important to keep them safe and well sheltered. The baby would feel a worm with the help of an apron, which is also included.

If your baby is ready to take a sit position, you can easily adjust the bassinet into a seat without the help of additional parts or accessories. Easily clip the buckle from the base shape and just slide the cord grip to the tightest position. Bu be sure to remember that this seat position is limited to 31 cm wide and 40 cm high, and when your baby happens to be taller than that, it would be pretty awkward.

The seat unit however, doesn’t need to be removed. All is well handled with the lever, it’s like the heart of this unit. Zelia makes it possible for the parents to bend down (which can destroy their backs sometimes) when adjusting certain positions. It’s all made easy for the parents, and we should be thankful for that. For a price that’s way better than Vista, we think it should be included as one of the best strollers of the year.

Uppababy Vista – $ 1,169

For the stylish and modern-looking stroller, UPPAbaby VISTA was and still one of the most popular ones. Parents would like to see a stroller to be a product of quality and functionality, even better with a beauty look. The name does shout not only in the looks, but also overall durability. Wheels are one of the important aspects of a stroller, and in VISTA, they are like the color of this product.

They were built to be strong, durable, compact, and solid with most of the top quality materials that could hold all kinds of terrain. Aside from that aspect that clearly makes parents’ life easier, you can also find another useful feature, the UPF50+ sun visor right on the hood completed with a small-sized window to look after your baby. Handlebar is covered in quality leather, adjustable as well, and the basket is more than amazing.

If you ever feel confused about anything, especially in how to operate a stroller well, UPPababy VISTA already answered that by giving a detailed amount of information parents need. A welcome pack full of love also included in a small storage bag.

We talked about wheels earlier, but how about the break. Operating brake on this stroller is a bit different than Zelia. You need to utilize the lever and just simply turn it off and on with your toews.

In the purchase package, you’ll be given the seat unit and carrycot for easy travelling. You can use this stroller from the day your kid will be born.

The exterior of carrycot was made soft and neat-looking with diamond stitch detailing on the zip-off apron. Hood is more than enough to make a private space for your baby, even better, it has the sun protection rating that guarantees it. Read also: Maxi Cosi Zelia Vs Chicco Bravo.

Carrycot can be stored when your baby has reached 6 months old or reached 9 kilograms. You can fold it easily by sliding metal bars on the base, and store it away inside the black storage bag to use later on.

Maxi Cosi Zelia Vs Uppababy Vista

- The maxi-cosi 5-in-1 modular travel system includes the lightest infant car seat in the maxi cosi class and comes complete with the stay-in-car base and a stylish, easy-to-maneuver stroller
- Attach the car seat carrier and easily transfer your baby from your vehicle to the stroller. Keep your child comfortable with a reversible seat and carriage that faces to the front or rear
- Adjustable stroller settings provide a smooth ride to help ensure that your baby is resting soundly while on-the-go, with a seat that fully reclines into the carriage in just a few seconds
- Travel in style with easy-clean premium fabrics and a padded insert on the stroller that provides the utmost in comfort, while the car seat's self-wicking fabrics help keep your baby dry
- Includes bassinet, full size front or rear facing toddler seat with multi-position recline, toddler seat rain and bug shields, and bassinet bug shield and storage bag
- Compatible with MESA Infant Car Seat - direct attachment, no adapters necessary; Compatible with select Chicco and Maxi-Cosi infant car seats when using adaptors (car seats and adaptors sold separately)
- Longer bassinet mattress pad with ventilation for added breathability
- One-step fold with or without seat attached


When choosing a stroller, we want something that’s durable, dependable, easy to operate, and most importantly, comes with reasonable price. All of those can be found within Maxi Cosi Zelia, and that’s why we liked it. Plus, it can be adjusted to flat-bottomed position, so it’s possible to use it since the day of your kid.

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