Maxi Cosi Zelia Vs Zelia Max

Anyone having a baby in the family will need to consider having a stroller. Utilizing this equipment will help parents to carry the baby everywhere easily. However, it is common for a new parent for being confused about which stroller will suit their expectation. In terms of specifications, features, prices, and many more. For those looking at the suitable baby stroller for your loving one, considering Maxi Cosi Zelia VS Zelia Max can be a good point to start. For more information about the products and the overview, the next paragraph will help to explain better.

About Maxi Cosi

The first thing that parents might want to know is about the parent brand of the stroller. In which this article will discuss Maxi Cosi. This is one of the famous brands for baby apparel in the worldwide market. The brand provides various travel systems for babies. Therefore, any new parents can get help by utilizing these apparels for their lovely babies. Founded 35 years ago making the brand is establishing enough to offer its latest innovation and technology to help the baby feeling comfortable and safe at the same time. Including through their innovative strollers, Zelia and Zelia Max. If you wish to get more brief information, the next paragraph will help to lead you to this requirement.

 Maxi Cosi Zelia Maxi Zelia Max
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Product Dimensions22.5 x 22.5 x 33.8 inches31 x 22.88 x 22 inches
Item Weight21 pounds46 pounds

Maxi Cosi Zelia Features

The first product to discuss is Maxi Cosi Zelia, this is a baby stroller that comes with a 5 in 1 modular travel system. Therefore, selecting this product can help parents to get several types of maneuvering while travelling with their babies. Starting from newborn to toddler with various facing, including:

  • Rear-facing carriage mode
  • Forward-facing carriage mode
  • Car seat carrier with included Mico 30
  • Rear-facing stroller
  • Forward-facing stroller

The stroller also includes a Maxi Cosi Mico 30 infant car seat. For more specific features of the stroller and car seat system, the next bullet points will mention it further.

  • Reversible carriage, the stroller as mention above consists of full recline which gives babies a comfy ride from birth with forward-facing positions.
  • Car seat with impact protection so that it provides superior protection around the child’s head while riding.
  • Adjustable handle height will help parents to easily handle the storage and adjusting according to their needs.
  • Easy to clean, where most of the stroller parts is a washable machine and can be dry in a lower setting.
  • The car seat is lightweight enough so that able to carry in such a comfortable way for the parents.
  • Full canopy covers help to protect the child from unpleasant weather while traveling.
  • Capable to use up to 30lbs car seat and 50lbs stroller.
  • Provided with a comfortable cushion in the stroller and the car seat to give a snug fit position and easy to remove when it is not needed anymore.

Maxi Cosi Zelia Max Features

The other product as a further development of the previous one is Maxi Cosi Zelia Max features. Therefore, it is not wondering if most of the features are typically similar to the original Zelia series. Moreover, the version also provides a 5 in 1 mode system the same as the original one. The only difference is that this version provides larger protection, a larger size of the stroller, and of course larger size of the car seat. This means in terms of wider space for your baby to perform any movement while inside the car seat and stroller. Specifically, if you manage to buy the product, you can get the following lists of features.

  • Car seat with Air Protect Side Impact Protection and an anti-rebound bar to make the child more comfortable and safe while in the middle of travel with the car.
  • Provide comfort and premium style of product, in which the product will help parents to get with stylish details including ultra-soft materials in the stroller seat. It also consists of textured vegan leather trim on the bars. The carriage also offers a snug space for the baby to take a nap comfortably.
  • The stroller also designs with luxury and convenient design that allows the baby to feel comfortable in stroller seat mode taking.
  • The stroller also provides an extra spacious basket and handy cup holder along with its lightweight frame and smooth maneuvering wheels.
  • Easy and compact design to fold and save when not using.


Even though both coming from the same brand, but they sell at a different price. One unit of Maxi Cosi Zelia is selling for $400, while Maxi Cosi Zelia Max is selling for $500. This price is referent from the official webpage. Therefore, it is quite easy to get the products. However, from the information, you can see that you will need to add $100 more to get a larger size of a stroller for your baby. Read also: Maxi Cosi Zelia Vs Graco Modes.

Maxi Cosi Zelia Vs Zelia Max

- The maxi-cosi 5-in-1 modular travel system includes the lightest infant car seat in the maxi cosi class and comes complete with the stay-in-car base and a stylish, easy-to-maneuver stroller
- Attach the car seat carrier and easily transfer your baby from your vehicle to the stroller. Keep your child comfortable with a reversible seat and carriage that faces to the front or rear
- Adjustable stroller settings provide a smooth ride to help ensure that your baby is resting soundly while on-the-go, with a seat that fully reclines into the carriage in just a few seconds
- Travel in style with easy-clean premium fabrics and a padded insert on the stroller that provides the utmost in comfort, while the car seat's self-wicking fabrics help keep your baby dry
- Air protect superior side impact protection
- Adjustable, stay in car base with rebound protection
- Easily removable fabrics for cleaning; Innovative design allows for removal without re threading harness
- Machine washable and dryer safe fabric


Finally, it comes to the end conclusion between Maxi Cosi Zelia VS Zelia Max. As a new parent, it will not be easy to define which product will suit more to select. In terms of budget, if you have a limited budget then the original Zelia version will be a good selection to choose. Unless that you have any other concerns such as looking for a larger size of stroller and car seat. Then considering Zelia Max will be an advantageous choice to select from. Other than that, there was not too much difference between the original version and the max version. Hence, you will need to look carefully at which product suits your expectation.

In the end, all the decisions might come back to each parent. But, it is suggested to have the original version of this dimension is suit your baby size. Since the original one is more light and easy to take anywhere for traveling. Selecting the max version means to deal with heavier product and more space to fill in. Therefore, if you love the simple and compact design, the max version might not suit your wish. Not to mention you need to pay more for this product.

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