Mountain Buggy Nano vs Babyzen Yoyo

If you are looking for a compact, lightweight stroller which you can easily bring along wherever you go, you may be interested in Mountain Buggy Nano vs Babyzen Yoyo. Both strollers are very portable, and they come with great features. They are compatible with car seats to form travel systems. So, which one is the better stroller for the money?

Continue reading below to find out more about:
– The size and weight of each stroller
– The folding and unfolding mechanism on each stroller
– Which car seats that are compatible with these strollers
– The comparison of their seat features and performance
– The color options on Mountain Buggy Nano vs Babyzen Yoyo
– Which stroller that is more recommended for the money

Size and Weight
The first notable difference between these two strollers is their dimensions. In general, both Mountain Buggy Nano and Babyzen Yoyo are very portable. Both strollers are very easy to bring along. However, Mountain Buggy Nano is actually bigger and a little bit heavier than Babyzen Yoyo (note: Babyzen Yoyo has been updated with Babyzen Yoyo+ and you can read the Babyzen Yoyo vs Yoyo+ comparison here).

Mountain Buggy Nano has a total width of 22 inches, a length of 33 inches, and a height of 39 inches. The weight of the unit is about 13 lbs. Overall, this stroller looks very slim and compact. It is nimble and agile. It should be able to maneuver easily through cramped rooms and narrow hallways. It is able to pass through most doors, except some of the narrowest interior doors.

When folded, Mountain Buggy Nano measures 22 inches x 20 inches x 12 inches. It is quite compact. However, it is still much thicker and bigger if you compare the folded dimensions of Mountain Buggy Nano vs Babyzen Yoyo.

Even in the folded form, Mountain Buggy Nano will still take a significant space in your car’s trunk. It may be unable to fit in if your car’s trunk is so small. In addition, despite the relatively compact form factor, it is not small enough to meet the IATA (International Air Transport Association) carry-on guideline. So, you won’t be able to bring it to your seat, and you will have to check it to the cargo compartment.

Babyzen Yoyo measures 17 inches wide, 34 inches long, and 42 inches tall. It has a weight of about 12.8 lbs. This stroller is very slim and compact, and is able to maneuver freely through crowded areas. Thanks to the slim design, this stroller can pass smoothly through any interior and exterior door.

Of course, Babyzen Yoyo is also foldable. It is very compact when folded – much smaller and slimmer than Mountain Buggy Nano. When folded, it measures 20.5 inches x 17 inches x 7 inches. You probably won’t notice the weight difference with Mountain Buggy Nano, but this stroller is really lightweight.

The folded form of Babyzen Yoyo is slim enough to fit into any car’s trunk. This is a very good thing if your car is rather small. In addition, it meets the IATA carry-on guideline, so you should be able to bring it along to your seat when going on a flight. You can put it on the overhead compartment without taking too much space.

Folding and Unfolding
Now, let’s take a look at the folding mechanism of Mountain Buggy Nano vs Babyzen Yoyo. One similarity between these two models is that they can stand by themselves when folded. Mountain Buggy Nano requires two hands to complete the fold. Meanwhile, although Babyzen Yoyo is said to have a one-hand folding, it is much easier to fold with two hands.

Mountain Buggy Nano needs the top portion (the handlebar) to be folded before you can compress the entire thing. You can fold the top portion without removing your child from the seat. However, the second stage requires you to squeeze the stroller down using two hands.

Surprisingly, this mechanism is quite easy and quick, although some people may be worried about the durability of the frame with all the squeezing. Afterwards, you can lock the folded stroller using a velcro strap to prevent it from flapping open accidentally. In order to unfold it, you just need to release the velcro strap and spread the whole thing apart.

Babyzen Yoyo is also very easy and quick to fold. First, if you use the buggy board, you need to remove it before folding the stroller. Then, press the two buttons on the hood’s sides to fold the handlebar. Next, press the red button located under the seat to trigger the folding. The stroller will fold into a neat, compact package which is secured by a clip.

This mechanism is very practical, as it allows you to fold the stroller quickly when you need to get into a bus or a car. In order to unfold it, you just need to release the clip. Shake the package apart, and you will get back the stroller in the full form.

Compatible Car Seats
The next difference between Mountain Buggy Nano vs Babyzen Yoyo is their car seat compatibility. Both strollers can be used as travel systems, but they only work with particular infant car seats. Both strollers are not recommended for newborns because they don’t fully recline.

Mountain Buggy Nano is equipped with an on-board adaptor for an infant car seat. This adaptor is specifically designed for the Mountain Buggy Protect infant car seat, which is quite lightweight but already equipped with excellent safety features, including the thick impact-absorbing EPS foam padding and a five-point harness system.

In addition, the adaptor on Mountain Buggy Nano is also compatible with several other car seats, such as Chicco Keyfit, Graco Snugride Click Connect 35, Maxi Cosi Pebble, Maxi Cosi Mico, Maxi Cosi Cabriofix, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio, Safe ‘n Sound Unity, and Phil&Teds Alpha. So, this stroller is quite versatile.

Babyzen Yoyo originally does not have any adaptor to make it work with an infant car seat. There are third-party adaptors that will allow the stroller to carry a Maxi Cosi Mico, NunaPipa, or Cybex infant car seat. Fortunately, the updated model Babyzen Yoyo+ has addressed this issue.

The company has partnered with BeSafe, a renowned Norwegian company, to produce an exclusive line of infant car seats called iZi Go Modular by BeSafe. The infant car seats of this line are fully compatible with the updated model Babyzen Yoyo+ via an adaptor. The adaptor is also compatible with Maxi Cosi Pebble, Maxi Cosi Pebble Plus, NunaPipa, and Cybex Aton-Q infant car seats.

Seat Features
Mountain Buggy Nano has a reclining seat, but it doesn’t go to a flat level. It only allows you to adjust the seat for a comfortable sitting position. Also, the seat is not reversible. This is a problem if you want your baby to see you while you are pushing the stroller.

The seat of Mountain Buggy Nano has a maximum weight capacity of 44 lbs. This is good, especially for a compact and lightweight stroller. It has a decent longevity. You will be able to use the stroller until your child is about 5 years old.

The seat is equipped with a nice hood which has a flick-out sun visor. However, the rear portion is made from open mesh, so the hood will not really protect the child from wind. Under the seat of Mountain Buggy Nano, you can find a storage basket. It is not large, but it has enough space for a handbag and a diaper box plus some coats on the top. However, you can only access the storage basket from the front.

Babyzen Yoyo is very nice because it has a reversible seat. So, you can turn the seat around if you want your baby to see you while you are pushing the stroller. It also has a recline mechanism, although it does not go to a fully flat position. The seat is equipped with a wide hood that provides full coverage, which is great.

However, the seat of Babyzen Yoyo only has a maximum capacity of 33 lbs. So, it will not last for very long. It is only suitable until your child is around 3 years old or so. Under the seat, there is a storage basket which is accessible from the rear.

Mountain Buggy Nano, performance-wise, is good for city use. It can glide smoothly without any problem over a smooth paved road. It is equipped with a rear-wheel suspension system which helps to reduce impacts and vibrations from the road. It is also quite easy to navigate.

However, compared to Babyzen Yoyo, Mountain Buggy Nano is still a bit more difficult to control. One reason for this is the short handlebar. It is not as smooth as Babyzen Yoyo when going over grass, gravels, or cracked roads.

Babyzen Yoyo is also designed primarily for city use, but the overall performance is better. There are three reasons for this. First, it has a taller handlebar which will allow you to steer the stroller easily. Second, it is able to move smoothly without much noise or vibration when going over a smooth road. Third, it has a suspension system on every wheel, so it does a better job in absorbing impacts and vibrations over grass and cracked roads.

Mountain Buggy Nano vs Babyzen Yoyo

NameMountain Buggy NanoBabyzen Yoyo
Features- Infant car seat ready ; no need to purchase additional adapters and now has a soft shell cocoon carrycot available (sold separately) for newborns - New, narrower compact size at just Dimension - 12 x 22 x 20 inches (Folded) with 44 lb. weight capacity and suitable for children up to 4 years- Suitable from: 6+ months to 40 lbs - New XXL basket underneath (60% larger than the original Yoyo basket) - New storage pouch - Airline certified size of a carry-on bag - Includes: Chassis, Carrying strap, Rain cover, Under-seat storage basket, Travel bag, and Color pack

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In general, Babyzen Yoyo is more recommended. It is more compact when folded, so it can fit easily into your car’s trunk and even pass as a carry-on when going on an airplane. It also has a better hood, a more accessible storage basket, and better overall performance.

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