QB Qbit Plus Vs Babyzen Yoyo

Mother often travels with family every weekend. Of course, the mother wants to invite the little one to participate. However, it is impossible for a mother to carry a baby all day long because it’s tiring, especially when the mom doesn’t have any tools to support her. It would be a very tiring and unpleasant journey for both the mom and the baby. For that, mothers need the best baby stroller so that the little one may feel comfortable when traveling.

Some mothers buy a baby stroller without considering the ability and age of the baby. New mothers usually think that a baby stroller can be used by all ages of children. In fact, the mother must choose the baby equipment carefully. A number of strollers are usually prepared for babies whose neck support abilities are already perfect. In fact, mothers have to make sure their little one can already sit up by his/her own.

If the mother wants to give a baby stroller to a baby under 3 months, it’s better to choose the type of perambulator or pram. This type of stroller is designed for the baby in a lying down position . Generally, babies under 6 months of age spend about 14 hours sleeping. Position the pram container is facing directly to the holder, which in this case could be the mom or dad, so the parent can still watch over your little one.

If your little one is already seated, you can choose a baby stroller with a more upright container position like a seat and back to the pusher. This type of stroller is suitable for babies aged 12 months and over. Usually, this type of baby stroller can be used until your kid reaches the age of 3-4 years.

Using the wrong baby stroller can indeed cause your baby to get Container Baby Syndrome (CBS). According to Lifespan Therapies, CBS is a disorder of growth and development, movement, and behavior of babies because they are being too long in a container or other baby equipment, like car seats, baby strollers or baby bouncers.

What happens when your little one has CBS? Generally, babies will find it difficult when the mother stimulates them to perform motor movements. Your kids will look reluctant to get out of the container. In addition, people with CBS tend to find it very difficult to socialize and adapt to their surroundings, they tend to get fussy and throw tantrums.

That is why, when using a baby stroller, mothers must periodically remove their little one from the container. It is better not to let the baby for 2 full hours in the container. Your little one also needs fresh air and stimulation from the mother. This way, your little one will not get CBS.

 QB Qbit Plus Babyzen Yoyo
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Product Dimensions28 x 19.3 x 41 inches21.5 x 17.3 x 10.2 inches
Item Weight14 pounds16.6 pounds

Previously we talked about two amazing strollers, Maxi Cosi Zelia and Chicco Bravo, and in the end of comparison, both are able to show great performance as comfortable and safe baby strollers for the kids. However, this time we want to bring up something different. Something that’s able to be used as an alternative or even main stroller for many parents out there.

QB Qbit Plus and Babyzen Yoyo, other brands of strollers that are already known by many people. And today, we’re gonna compare these two and see which one is actually worth the value, since the price difference, this time, is noticeable.

QB Qbit Plus – $ 239

The GB Qbit Plus stroller is a lightweight, forward-facing stroller. This stroller can be used by babies aged 0-4 years with a maximum weight of 25 kg. This stroller features a flat reclining position that is suitable for newborns, a head hug, and larger wheels for comfort.

In addition, there is also a super compact folding system that can be operated with only one hand, leaving the other hand free to hold or carry groceries. This stroller can also be taken on trips, from vacation trips to the beach to out of town. Practical value is the highlight of this stroller.

Not only that, this stroller is spacious and comfortable for children, lightweight and easy to carry for parents, with a cabin-size size. Simple folding system makes it easy for parents to pack this thing up when about to travel somewhere.

It’s built with strong materials that can be trusted for long years. Qb Qbit Plus is suitable for parents who love to have an all-round stroller with a long usage time. With this stroller around, they can just use this from the day the kid’s crawling to the day he/she is reaching 4 years old.

But, despite its nature of being a “cabin-sized” stroller, sometimes it’s still prohibited to be carried around within domestic flights’ cabins. Read also: Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Vs Mini Bravo Sport.

Babyzen Yoyo – $ 469

Babyzen Yoyo is indeed famous for its practicality. Imagine if you could open the stroller using only one hand, and the process only takes a few seconds. This is why Babyzen Yoyo is known as the most friendly stroller to travel with. Even though it is included in the lightweight stroller class, Babyzen Yoyo still prioritizes seat comfort. Likewise, by folding this stroller, it’s quite easy because you just have to press the button under the seat and pull the bottom. And after that Babyzen Yoyo is ready to be taken wherever you go.

The next feeling of amazement after using Babyzen Yoyo was a very fluid maneuver. You will feel the push of Babyzen Yoyo very lightly. Besides that, the wheels also function properly even though the roads are not flat. When turning a corner, there are never any noticeable obstacles.

The Babyzen Yoyo can be adjusted from a sleeping position to an upright sitting position. The way to adjust it is by tightening or loosening the belt that is behind the seat. Even though it looks simple and concise, Babyzen Yoyo has several accessories that are quite useful. Besides being easy to fold and a large canopy at the back of the canopy, there is a pocket that is equipped with a zipper, so you can store some items such as wet wipes or other necessities.

This stroller can be used by newborn children. So it’s long enough to use it until the child is under five or a maximum of 15kg. When folded, Babyzen Yoyo is not as small as the pockit stroller which is currently reaching popularity. However, the fold size is still included as a cabin size. In addition there is a bag that protects and also a strap to carry it. So when not in use, the stroller can be carried while traveling.

QB Qbit Plus Vs Babyzen Yoyo

- Spacious and comfortable for kids, compact, light and easy to carry for parents.
- With the adapters (optional available) you can attach a gb infant car seat onto the frame
- The compact folded package can fit anywhere, in the smallest car trunks, under a train seat or in valuable storage space at home
- This compact buggy is packed with a list of smart features
- A newly reinforced frame that allows for a higher weight limit of up to 40 pounds
- New suspension that smoothes out the ride even further
- Better storage for all of your baby/kid needs on the go, including a new basket that's 60% bigger than the previous model, and a new storage pouch in the rear of the canopy
- An extendable canopy for more shade


Seeing what they can actually offer to the customer, we think in the specification, feature, and comfiness wise, we’d like to pick QB Qbit Plus as the great one. It’s an all-round stroller that’s dependable, comfortable, enjoyable for both the parents and the baby, and the price is way affordable than Babyzen Yoyo. So for those of you who are currently searching for the best mid-range strollers, QB Qbit Plus shouldn’t be missed from your list.

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