Stokke Crusi vs Xplory

Stroller is an important thing to own if you are going to have a baby or if you are the type to do many activities such as shopping while bringing your baby with you and need a carrier, so they can be safe and comfortable at the same time. Among those many brands out there, Stokke is very popular with their products like Stokke Crusi vs Xplory. If you are currently confused about which to choose, go check our article below to know more about them.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Stokke’s Strollers
– What are Stokke Crusi and Xplory
– What Stokke Crusi and Xplory Look Like
– What Stokke Crusi and Xplory can offer to you
– Stokke Crusi vs Xplory

About Stokke
You can find so many brands on the market offering a great deal of stroller with complete features coming also in a higher price but not all of them are reliable since manufacturers may have different standard for their products and this is why we need to also know about the manufacturer If you want to get the most reliable items out there. When speaking about stroller, it is not complete to not mention Stokke because this brand have already exist since decades ago.

This company is not initially making baby stroller because their first business is to made high quality furniture and just like the brand name, it is made by Georg Stokke who is beginning his craftsmanship and quality design since his early days and then continued by his children until now to many countries. They are also known as the first furniture manufacturers to employ women and in-house designers back then in Norway, so it is understandable that they are going to be keeping up with the eras but without throwing away the tradition.

This company starting their journey into making baby’s related furniture in 1999 when they launched baby crib which is different from many others at that time because their crib is in oval shape instead of the common rectangle shape. Nursery staple line continue to expand and finally in 2003, they offer their fiststroller in the market. What makes their first stroller standing out from its peers is their innovation in the height adjustability to let the parents to bring their baby closer to form bonding.

Stokke finally change its business into furniture for children and no longer making adult seating and office furniture to be more focus on improving their design and products for better and more convenience operation. This brand actually have several stroller types in their product line such as Crusi, Xplory, Scoot and Trailz but the first is no longer made and the second is already in their version 6. However, you can still find Crusi in some online shopping platform like Amazon.

About Stokke Crusi
Let’s talk about Crusi first. This model is first launched in 2012 and for some reason, the company no longer offer the unit in their official site. Being no longer manufactured doesn’t make this model is fail or not able to provide what you are going to need in a good stroller because it is actually very popular and loved by their users. Not only made from durable material, just like what you can expect from the brand, the most loved thing about the stroller is their rich features and quality materials.

Stokke Crusi Design
If you are looking at Crusi directly in store, we are sure you can already see how good the material used to build this stroller either for the body construction or the fabric material to keep your baby safe and comfortable. Just like many other strollers out there, you can choose it from a wide variant of colors and for an example, we put the deep blue model in our article. When purchasing the stroller, you will get only the stroller, so if you plan on using it with carrycot or car seat, you still have to purchase them separately.

Stokke Crusi Features
The first thing you should consider when purchasing this stroller is the car seat and carrycot compatibility because it only can be used with Stokke Izi Go, so if you are going to use it for newborn, make sure to also purchase the correct accessories. One of the most important thing many parents looking for when selecting stroller for their baby is the position options that you can choose and in this part, Crusi will offer you a decent 5 different position consisting of 3 parent facing and 2 forward positions.

To accommodate parents with different height, Crusi’s handle is adjustable, so you can operate at the most comfortable position. If you are planning on using it with other accessories such as carrycot and car seat, the changing process won’t take much time and very simple to do. What you need to do is unlock the safety on its each side and remove them. The re-attaching process is just as easy because you only need to press them into the lock and see the indicator to make sure it is locked properly.

Having a twin is like adding another joy to your family because your children can have a companion even from their early days and who doesn’t love to see siblings interacting with each other. To make sure you can always carry them along, Stokke also offer Sibling Seat that you can attach to Crusi and make a double stroller. Basket is always useful for parents who move around a lot because it is like an additional compartment to bring things easily. This stroller itself already have a decent 11 lbs. capacity for the basket for things like bag and baby’s needs.

Crusi has a large canopy to protect your children from the direct heat of the sun, so you can still bring them to walk in summer. This canopy has mesh peek a boo window but it is opened with a zipper thus, it can make some noise sometimes. For the wheel, it is using a very simple lock on the back wheel, so you can just lock it with your foot in a single process.

About Xplory
If you are loving all the features from Crusi but also want the model that is offering a bit more features and don’t mind about paying more, you need to check Xplory because this is their most popular model which is still exist even until now after released in 2003. The model we are going to talk is their V5 but the brand already have a newer model. As we mentioned earlier, Stokke is offering a new design when they release their stroller and this is what you can found in this stroller.

Stokke Xplory Design
Looking at Stokke Xplory from the outside, you can already see what makes it different from other similar stroller. Because, yes it is not coming in the most common structure with two stands on its side but only one in the middle. This build is not very common but thanks to the innovative design, it also can achieve what most stroller cant which is height adjustment. Since this model is more expensive, you will also get accessories like parasol and cup holder when purchasing.

Stokke Xplory Features
Just like other Stokke stroller, you will only get one compartment, but, unlike Crusi, Xplory is compatible with many other brand’s accessories, so you won’t need an adaptor to attach them on the stroller. In position option, you will still able to choose between 5 different positions consisting of 3 parent facing positions; sleep, active, and rest while forward facing position only have 2 options. What you can’t do in front facing position is only the sleep setting.

As it has been mentioned earlier, Xplory is one stroller out there that provide height adjustment, so you can get closer to your baby even though this feature is not very extreme like literally moving the seat up and down, it is still useful to add more or reduce the height of the seat by the little seat adjustment. If your children prefer their leg to hang longer, the footrest is also adjustable. Canopy is big enough to protect your children but since it is using zipper to open its mesh peek-a-boo, you probably want to open it earlier if your baby loves to sleep during walk, so the possible noise won’t disturb them.

Another tempting side offered by Xplory is how easy it is to fold and store the unit when not is used because it can be fold in smaller and more compact form. The brake is still as simple because you only need to use your foot to activate it. Its two-wheel function makes it easy to stroll even when walking around in an uneven road such as in beach or in road with many pebbles, so your baby can rest and stay comfortable while riding.

Now, let’s compare Stokke Crusi with Xplory. As you may already know, both of these strollers are offering a numerous useful features that you will surely love but they are also different because not all the features available in both products. The prominent difference between them is you can bring 2 babies along with Crusi because you can attach another compartment which is not possible if you are picking Xplory. At the other side, Xplory is able to use more various accessories from different brands and offering a height adjustment.

Stokke Crusi vs Xplory

NameStokke CrusiStokke Xplory
Features- 3 parent facing positions: sleep, rest and active, and 2 forward facing positions: rest and active - Lockable swivel wheels make it easy to maneuver in tight spaces- Height adjustable seat brings the child up closer to the parent - Seat designed to be used from birth to 45 pounds, or 3-4 Yrs - Two way facing and 5 seat reclining positions suitable baby's needs as they grow

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, you should pick based on your need because their difference is important. If you are expecting more than one baby, you should pick Crusi and if you are looking the one with better height adjustment, Stokke Xplory is the better option.

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