Summer 3D Lite vs 3D Tote

Moms and dads must feel tired when taking their little one outside for a quick stroll or to do some errands because we have to hold the baby all the time, moreover, when we need to move a lot as well. But, worry not because we have many good strollers like Summer 3D Lite Vs 3D Tote to ease job and making your travel even more pleasurable. If you are also eyeing these strollers, see below to check which model will suit the family the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How Many Stroller Types in the Market
– How to Shop for a Baby Stroller
– What are Summer 3D Lite and 3D Tote
– What Summer 3D Lite and 3D Tote Look like
– How are the Canopy of Summer 3D Lite and 3D Tote
– How are the Passenger Seat of Summer 3D Lite and 3D Tote
– How Many Compartments in Summer 3D Lite and 3D Tote
– How to Fold Summer 3D Lite and 3D Tote
– Summer 3D Lite Vs 3D Tote

Stroller Types
We are sure that almost all of our population is familiar with baby stroller because they are everywhere from big cities to suburban areas and almost every parent will feel the benefit of having one except those who choose to stay at home while their baby still can’t walk on their own yet. Baby stroller is a very useful equipment to have for soon to be parents and new parents because they will take quite a huge load from our shoulders while strolling or travelling.

Baby strollers are also available in various types depending on the family’s need since not all of us will have the same activities or requirements. The most popular and what we used on a daily basis is usually the full size stroller which commonly have 4-wheel design, a sturdy frame, and a bit bulky so they are not very travel friendly but very robust for prominent use; some are even twin size so siblings can ride together side by side or with removable seat.

If full size stroller is robust and heavy, on the other side we have lightweight stroller or some people call it umbrella stroller due to its minimum feature and fairly thinner frame, making the unit a very ideal choice for parents who travel a lot with public transportation and need to hand carry the unit often. Additionally, we also have joggers or jogging strollers that have 3-wheel design so it can be easier to maneuver and robust body so it can take abuse when pushed while jogging on different terrains.

Shopping for the Perfect Stroller
Choosing for the perfect strollers can be hard and time consuming so it is best to list down everything you need from the unit first so then we can shop quickly and it is also good to set a budget thus we can eliminate the too cheap and too expensive choices altogether. The first thing you may want to look at when shopping for baby stroller is their canopy especially if your baby is fussy about getting exposed to sun rays.

In case the parents are planning to use their stroller since day one, we highly recommend to look for travel system set or stroller that can take certain brands or models of infant car seat because not all of them, especially lightweight stroller are capable of offering the feature. Additionally, for parents who often spend their time travelling or using public transportation, folding system matters so we don’t have to fiddle with the equipment when moving around in places where strollers are not utilized.

About Summer 3D Lite and 3D Tote
If you have list down the features or capabilities that need to exist on the baby stroller, now is the time to see what the market has to offer for like any other juvenile products, there are so many of them out there coming from different brands and in different types or models. If you are here, we are sure the type of stroller that match the family is a lightweight stroller which is an ideal choice if you need to move fast and travel light.

We do have so many choices when it comes to lightweight stroller and one of the best companies that offer this type of stroller is Summer. This company may not be as very popular compared to for example Baby Trend Vs Evenflo but it doesn’t mean that they are not offering great stroller because two of the most popular models from the brands are 3D Lite and 3D Tote which are equally lightweight for your better convenience so we don’t have to carry heavy equipment when moving around.

Both of them are marketed as lightweight stroller so it is not surprising to see many parents are confused about which to choose and the fact that they are very similar both in features and shape are making it more complicated. What you may want to take a not about these models is they are not for traveling with public transportation especially airplane because none of them are compact enough to be fitted in your overhead compartment or fits below the seat.

What boasted by Summer 3D Lite and 3D Tote are their lightweight frame so parents can fold them easily and hand carry them without burdening the shoulders. Another important thing that we want to mention is none of them are suitable with any infant car seat which means we can’t convert them into travel system set and can’t be used since day one as well so both of them are more suitable for parents who are preparing for when their little one can already sit and support the neck and head.

Summer 3D Lite and 3D Tote Design
As you can see on the sample picture above, these lightweight strollers are coming with a very thin frame which is why they can be so light compared to a regular full sized stroller but they are still capable of holding a maximum total weight of 50 lbs. which is quite impressive when considering that the weight of Summer 3D Lite and 3D Tote are not exceeding 15 lbs. In terms of fashion, people’s taste might differ but in our opinion they look subtle and nice to the eyes.

Overall they have the same design but if you look closely, the frame of 3D Lite is slightly narrower in gap between the front and back area besides also coming in different silver color rather than black. The fabric are very identical to each other and they are soft to touch as well. They use the standard 4-wheel design and all of them are doubled, probably to be able to roll easily and making the unit more stable when carrying heavier weight for the main frame are very light.

Summer 3D Lite and 3D Tote Canopy
When looking for any baby stroller, our first attention usually directed towards the canopy because they are what caught our eyes the most and Summer 3D Lite and 3D Tote are similarly featured with a huge 1-panel and 2-panel canopy with a pretty high head clearance so children who are taller can still use the unit as long as they don’t exceed the weight limit yet. What’s special is there is additional visor as well that we can extend at the front to add more coverage from sun rays.

When you check the top of 3D Tote canopy, there will be a small window as well covered with another layer of fabric to prevent sun rays from entering thus, we can still see our little one without stopping the stroller. When not needed, we can fold these canopies fully so children can see their surroundings better like when strolling indoors.

Summer 3D Lite and 3D Tote Passenger Seat
Moving further, it comes to the passenger seat or main seat on the stroller and these seats are padded as well as featured with 5-point harness to keep your little one safe in place when they sit or take a nap. There is a short footrest and the seat is adjustable or can be reclined until several positions with strap or a small lever mechanism that we can access from the back, but they are not capable yet of reclining fully flat so we can’t use it for smaller babies.

Summer 3D Lite and 3D Tote Compartment
The next point we want to talk about these strollers is their compartment because in our opinion, this is what sets them apart the most. It is common for a stroller to have various small pockets or compartments beside the main basket below the seat but Summer 3D Tote is taking this to a next level since we are getting one big pocket on one side of the main basket, 2 small pockets on the other side, another pocket behind the canopy, and a cup holder.

With 3D Lite we only get a big pocket located behind the canopy and a single cup holder installed on the frame and in addition, the main basket in 3D Tote is slightly bigger than the former which makes it ideal for those who often carry lots of bulky stuff while strolling yet, they have the same open-back design.

Summer 3D Lite and 3D Tote Folding System
The last important thing we want to talk about Summer 3D Lite and 3D Tote is their folding mechanism because it is very easy yet not so compact. Before folding the unit, fold the canopy first and with 3D Tote, push the middle lever up and then hit the small lever on the right back frame with your foot while pushing the stroller forward which is similar to how we fold 3D Lite as well. The final form is like a thinner version of both of them but the unit is still too big for convenient.

A lightweight stroller is nice so we don’t have to carry heavy weight when moving around with our little one and Summer 3D Lite and 3D Tote are a very ideal choice to go. They are practically the same stroller but are also different since the latter is overall slightly lighter, has 2-panel canopy, has peek window, and have more small pockets for convenience as well as larger main basket to fit more stuff yet, the weight limit are the same at 50 lbs.

Summer 3D Lite vs 3D Tote

- Maximum storage basket load is 10 pounds. Storage pocket and cup holder load is 2 pounds
- Seat dimensions is 13 inches wide by 10.25 inches deep, and the seat back is 17.5 inches high
- Maximum weight and height of child is 50 pounds, 43 inch
- Diaper bag hooks will safely hold diaper bags and shopping bags
- 1 hand recline, padded 5-point safety harness with easy pop buckle, and large canopy with pop out visor and peek-a-boo window
- Side storage pocket, child bottle and cup holders, toy hooks, and parent cup holder included Parent cup holder included Child cup holder & toy hooks in seat

At this point we are sure parents can already pick to go with which stroller but in case you are not decided yet, we do prefer Summer 3D Tote among the two because it can offer slightly more with less budget.

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