Summer Infant 3D Flip vs Urbini Reversi

Lightweight strollers such as Summer Infant 3D Flip Vs Urbini Reversi are amazing for your traveling activity because they are easy to carry especially convenient with public transportation. If you only have one small kid, these two are reliable and useful strollers that you can rely on without having to spend quite a lot. They do have various attractive features and various similarities but, before deciding the options, let’s see what both of them can offer so then we can shop quickly and wisely.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Consider in a Baby Stroller
  • What are Summer Infant 3D Flip and Urbini Reversi
  • What Summer Infant 3D Flip and Urbini Reversi Look Like
  • How are the Canopy in Summer Infant 3D Flip and Urbini Reversi
  • How are the Seat in Summer Infant 3D Flip and Urbini Reversi
  • How are the Handlebar in Summer Infant 3D Flip and Urbini Reversi
  • How are the Basket in Summer Infant 3D Flip and Urbini Reversi
  • How to Fold Summer Infant 3D Flip and Urbini Reversi
  • Summer Infant 3D Flip Vs Urbini Reversi

Baby Stroller

Some parents may prefer to hold their babies until they are old and big enough to walk or run on their own but, it can be a burden for your body since their weight will continue to increase and there is a limit on how much we can hold, moreover, if you have two of them. This is why baby strollers are an amazing option to consider since this gear will reduce the weight we have to carry at a time as well as making sure both parents and children can enjoy the journey outside with less worries.

However, not all strollers will match just every family because just like everything else, we have different needs and preferences which is why it is always best to consider the options first before making a purchase to avoid any inconvenience later.

  1. Cost is often an issue for parents who want to have a stroller because many are quite expensive but, there are actually more products in the affordable and some are even cheap considering from the price range. Chances are affordable options usually will sacrifice some of qualities such as fabric quality and frame rigidity.
  2. Another factor you may want to consider is the lifestyle itself as not all of us will have the same habit. If you are living in an urban area or suburban area, choose the type of stroller that can match the kind of space we are walking on. For example, do we need to use stairs or lift or how wide the pavement can we use the stroller on, and whether the stroller will carry various additional items like groceries that requires the frame and stroller capacity to be higher.
  3. For bigger families, we may need strollers that can be used for more than one passenger. Parents with twins will need double strollers like Bumbleride Indie Twin Vs BOB Duallie or modular models that can be added with another seat or panel for older children to ride along.
 Summer Infant 3D FlipUrbini Reversi
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Product Dimensions31 x 25.5 x 39.5 inches
33.2 x 21.3 x 41.1 inches
Item Weight13.23 pounds
33.1 pounds

About Summer Infant 3D Flip and Urbini Reversi 

It is true that having a stroller will reduce the effort we have to spend while carrying or transporting our little ones but shopping based on what we need is equally important. Now when you already have an idea on which stroller to choose or how the unit needs to be, it is time to see what the market has to offer for there are lots of them. We personally recommend sticking with popular brands or companies as they tend to produce more reliable options.

If you are here then it means a lightweight or compact stroller is what you need and for this type, their best benefit is convenience as parents can hand carry or maneuver them easier including when traveling with public transportations. Talking about good stroller brands, Summer Infant and Urbini are two reliable options to consider thanks to their varying stroller models which are not only ideal for different families but also quite competitive in price thus, every parents can have their perfect option.

For parents who wish to stroll lightly and will not put too much burden on their stroller, two ideal models to consider are Summer Infant 3D Flip and Urbini Reversi which are all very convenient as well. These light strollers are ideal when you are going to also hand carry or move the unit from one place to another due to the smaller frame but they may not be ideal for daily use or utilized as accompaniment for your grocery shopping routine.

What we love the most from Summer Infant 3D Flip and Urbini Reversi however besides their light frame is the usefulness itself. These two while may look like any umbrella strollers out there are actually useful since day one with the help of their features for we can carry infants or newborn with the stroller. What you may want to note is that not all car seats are compatible with the frame hence it is also best to consider whether you want the specific car seats or different ones.

Summer Infant 3D Flip and Urbini Reversi Design

You can notice an umbrella or lightweight stroller from the external quality alone and as you can see on the sample picture above, Summer Infant 3D Flip and Urbini Reversi are very much thinner on the frame compared to full-sized or even joggers. They usually have tubular steel and thinner seat or padding which sometimes can be removed from the frame itself for caring or storing. These two have good material, light and not flimsy while the fabric itself is soft to touch.

However, the seating area is not as padded or plush for older kids who prefer such comfort. Their weight makes them ideal to be used in urban areas or when you need to use tricky paths such as climbing or walking down a stairs. In comparison however, side by side it seems that the 3D Flip is slightly lighter than Reversi. Additionally, while there is a children tray, parents can have a cup holder to bring a water bottle while on the go.

Summer Infant 3D Flip and Urbini Reversi Canopy

When talking about strollers, our first attention goes to the canopy because this is important to keep our little one safe from sun rays. Both of these strollers have decent shades which extend quite further especially for the latter which cover about half of the front opening, making it safe and comfortable for summer strolling. The design of 3D Flip is a bit reclined in comparison and the canopy opened while tilting hence it has higher clearance but not very effective for covering the passenger.

On the additional part, these canopy fabrics are very thick and seem to last as well. We can open or close them as needed and there is also a small covered window at the top to check on your little one while pushing the unit.

Summer Infant 3D Flip and Urbini Reversi Seat

Moving further, let’s check the seats of Summer Infant 3D Flip and Urbini Reversi which are probably what’s so different about the two. Like any strollers, their passenger seats are adjustable on the reclining position but as the name suggests, the 3D Flip model allows you to flip the seat, making it facing forward or facing the parent. On the other hand, the Reversi stroller allows parents to remove the seat conveniently from the frame and install it backward, facing the parent. 

Both seats minimum capacity are the same at 5 lbs. and can be used until the passenger is 50 lbs. but, what’s make them different is that 3D Flip cannot secure car seat on the frame hence it has a fairly flat flipping seats when used in rear-facing mode to carry smaller babies. Reversi in rear-position can lay very flat as well and you can add padding for better comfort but when needed, it can accept Sonti car seats with the help of adapter.

Summer Infant 3D Flip and Urbini Reversi Handlebar

The next part we want to talk about is their handlebar because for many parents it is important to have a stroller that matches their height the most especially for parents with major different heights between the mother and father. Unfortunately, none of Summer Infant 3D Flip and Urbini Reversi are coming with adjustable handlebars and as you can see, they are only having this standard stick handle which is about 40-inch from the ground yet, for those with average height we do think they are still ideal.

Summer Infant 3D Flip and Urbini Reversi Basket

If parents will be using these strollers while doing some errands and carrying other items on the frame, many of us will also pay attention to their main basket. These models have a decent basket but personally we prefer the one in the Urbini Reversi because it carries more items inside and the stroller design makes it easier for users to put and pull anything from this compartment. The one in 3D Flip has a narrower opening so it is difficult to reach.

Summer Infant 3D Flip and Urbini Reversi Folding

The last part we want to mention is their folding system because it matters for traveling parents and those who will use public transportation or hand carry the stroller at some occasions. Starting with 3D Flip, this stroller has a small lever at the back of the frame above the rear wheel and when activated it will automatically fold the frame, including squeezing the width; we also get a shoulder strap for convenient carrying.

With Urbini Reversi, make sure the seat is in an upright position and push the foot lever at the bottom while also squeezing the two sliding levers on each of its handles. The bottom of the stroller will pop up and fold while we put effort to push it down until the frame is completely folded. The good point is it can sit on its own while 3D Flip can’t.

Summer Infant 3D Flip vs Urbini Reversi

These strollers are meant to get the job done so there will be no fancy features to check out. However, they are also quite different because in their front facing mode, Urbini Reversi has a wider canopy, the stroller also accept one infant car seat with the help of adapter, you can remove the seat from the frame, as well as make the stroller stand on its own when folded.  3D Flip has faster folding and more compact folding mechanism, while the seat can be flipped to face the parents.

- REVERSIBLE SEAT DESIGN – Change the way you look at umbrella strollers! The Summer 3Dflip Convenience Stroller has a unique reversible seat design that allows baby to face you when younger or face the world when they’re older and more curious. The folded dimensions are 40.38 x 13 x 9.50 inches
- LIGHTWEIGHT - A lightweight stroller makes any outing a little easier! The Summer 3Dflip Baby Stroller has a durable
- FOR TRAVEL AND EVERYDAY – Whether you’re traveling or just on the go running everyday errands, having a lightweight,
- ONE-HAND, 6-POSITION RECLINE - Keep your child comfortable with the 6-position recline (3 rear, 3 forward facing)
- Stroller is designed for a child up to 50 lbs 1-hand comfort tilt recline
- 5-point harness with covers Extra-large canopy with extensions
- Parent cup holder Reversible stroller seat: forward or rear facing
- Accepts Sonti Infant Car Seat (adapters included) Car seat attachment method: towers


You can pick any of these strollers because both are equally reliable but also different. Personally we like the Urbini Reversi the most because it can be used with an infant car seat, converting it into carrier mode and the seat can be removed completely as well in addition to how it can stand on its own when folded for better convenience.


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