Summer Infant 3D Lite vs Kolcraft Cloud Plus

A lightweight and practical stroller is needed when you are traveling with your baby. You need something that is easy and quick to set up when needed. In this article, we have two budget-friendly umbrella strollers that may suit what you need, Summer Infant 3D Lite vs Kolcraft Cloud Plus. So, which one is better? Find out below.

Continue reading to find out about:
– Which model that is generally lighter and more portable
– Which model that is easier to fold and unfold
– The weight capacity of each stroller
– The features of Summer Infant 3D Lite vs Kolcraft Cloud Plus
– The comparison of their maneuverability and overall performance
– The available colors and warranty information on each model
– Which umbrella stroller that is generally more recommended

Construction and Dimensions
Summer Infant 3D Lite comes with a lightweight yet durable aluminum frame. The joints are reinforced with hard plastic cases and screws. This umbrella stroller has a dual-wheel design on each corner, so it has eight wheels in total. The wheels are made from hard plastic as well. Overall, the build quality is good. It comes with padded handlebars. See also: Summer Infant 3D Lite vs UppaBaby G Lite.

When folded down, Summer Infant 3D Lite is quite compact. The folded form measures 43 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 9 inches thick. Well, it won’t be able to pass as a carry-on item in some airlines, but it can fit easily in the trunk of most vehicles. This stroller is really lightweight at 13 lbs, so you won’t have much problem in carrying it.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus is also constructed on an aluminum frame with hard plastic reinforcement on some parts. However, it only has a dual-wheel design on the front wheels, whereas the rear wheels are individual and a bit larger. It has six wheels in total. The build quality is pretty good, but it doesn’t have a padded handlebar.

The folded dimensions of Kolcraft Cloud Plus are 34 inches x 18 inches x 12 inches. So, if we compare the folded Summer Infant 3D Lite vs Kolcraft Cloud Plus, this model is actually bigger and bulkier. It will require more space in your vehicle’s trunk. That said, this stroller is actually a bit lighter at 12 lbs.

Ease of Use
Both models here claim to have a one-hand fold mechanism. So, in general, both strollers are quite easy to use. Still, Kolcraft Cloud Plus has a better edge here due to being simpler and more practical.

Summer Infant 3D Lite has a one-hand fold, but before the stroller compress into a compact package, you need to step on a foot lever and pull the handle. This is not difficult to perform, but the “one-hand” fold is a bit misleading. The stroller won’t really stand on its own during the process, so your foot will need to provide balance. On the good side, there is an automatic lock which will secure the folded package properly.

The unfolding process of Summer Infant 3D Lite vs Kolcraft Cloud Plus is easy. You just need to release the lock and spread the stroller apart. It will return to its full size. Make sure that the frame is locked in place before seating your child on it.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus also has a one-hand fold, but it is with a manual lock. To trigger the folding process, you just need to slide the red lock lever and push the red button on the handlebar. The stroller will immediately compress in half. The wheels remain on the ground throughout the process, so the stroller can stand on its own.

However, you need to attach the lock manually, which can be a bit tricky to do especially when you are holding your child in another hand. On the good side, Kolcraft Cloud Plus is also easy to unfold. You just need to release the lock and spread the stroller back.

Both Summer Infant 3D Lite and Kolcraft Cloud Plush have a similar weight capacity. They are suitable for a child of up to 50 lbs. However, keep in mind that their seats are not very spacious. As the effect, they won’t be suitable for bigger kids. Both strollers here are generally suitable for toddlers of up to 5 – 6 years old.

Note that Summer Infant 3D Lite and Kolcraft Cloud Plush are not suitable for newborns. They do have reclining seats, but they don’t recline completely flat. In addition, they don’t have much padding. These strollers won’t be able to provide the needed support for small babies.

Additional Features
Summer Infant 3D Lite is equipped with a reclining seat that has four selectable positions. Although it is not suitable for a newborn or small baby, the recline will provide a comfortable napping position for your child. The seat itself is equipped with a five-point harness system. The straps are padded to ensure the child’s comfort. The buckle is easy to attach and detach. And there is also a footrest to support the child’s legs.

On the top of the seat, there is a removable canopy. The canopy also has a flip-out sun visor. It can provide a good amount of shade to protect the child from harsh sunlight. Unfortunately, the canopy feels somewhat flimsy especially when the day is windy. Under the seat, there is an extra-large storage basket which can hold up to 10 pounds of gear. Avoid overloading the basket as this may make the stroller unstable or rip the fabric.

Kolcraft Cloud Plush also has multiple reclining positions to provide a comfortable napping position. The seat has a five-point harness system which is easy to attach and detach. Unfortunately, the harness straps are not padded, so they are not very comfortable. You can add some pads by yourself. This stroller also has a footrest to enhance the support.

The stroller is equipped with a large canopy with UV protection to shield your child from sunlight. There is an integrated peek-a-boo window so that you can keep connected to your child. The stroller provides a child’s tray and a parent’s tray, both with their own cup holders. A very spacious storage basket can be found under the seat, but be careful when loading it as excessive weight can tilt the stroller.

Maneuverability and Performance
In terms of performance, Summer Infant 3D Lite vs Kolcraft Cloud Plush are similar that they both are designed for city use. These strollers are intended to be used on smooth surfaces and well-paved roads. They are not really suited for uneven terrains. The differences between the two are not really dramatic.

While the slim design of Summer Infant 3D Lite will allow you to turn and maneuver easily through doors and store aisles, the small wheels present an issue of their own. The wheels often feel flimsy. The stability is not very good, especially when carrying a big and heavy child.

The dual-wheel design is not really good because they are difficult to steer when going over gravels or cobblestones. The wheels tend to go to different directions when they bump into something. Meanwhile, the anti-shock front wheels can only do so much to reduce the vibration.

Kolcraft Cloud Plush is also slim enough to maneuver through doors, corridors, and store aisles easily. The stability is relatively better. At least, the wheels don’t feel too flimsy. The stroller is easy to steer when running on a smooth surface.

It has a front-wheel suspension system that can help to reduce road bumps and vibration, but the stroller still can’t go over gravels or cobblestones really well. The plastic wheels are not suited for such terrains. So, you should strictly use the stroller for smooth surfaces.

Available Color Choices
Summer Infant 3D Lite provides many options when it comes to color choices. There are at least 8 styles, including:
– Black
– Gray
– Silver
– Blue
– Teal
– Green
– Red
– Pink

Kolcraft Cloud Plush is more limited when it comes to color choices. There are only 2 color options, which are:
– Slate
– Fire red

Each stroller here is backed by a 1-year limited warranty from the respective manufacturer. With either stroller, the limited warranty will cover any defect found in the materials or workmanship. It will not cover any damage from user abuse, improper use, unauthorized modification, or accident.

In the case of Summer Infant 3D Lite, you need to provide the purchase receipt when making a warranty claim. If you don’t provide one, the warranty coverage will only be measured from the manufacturing date.

This is also similar to Kolcraft Cloud Plush. You need to provide the purchase receipt. Keep in mind that the warranty is not transferable. So, the warranty is void if the product is a second-hand item.

Summer Infant 3D Lite vs Kolcraft Cloud Plus

- Durable, stylish aluminum frame (13 pounds) with large seat area
- 4 position recline with 5 point safety harness. Maximum weight and height of child: 50 pounds and 43 inches
- Anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels
- Adjustable and removable canopy with flip out sun visor. New and improved easy compact fold with carry strap and auto lock
- LIGHTWEIGHT -- Travel friendly lightweight design (only 11.8 lbs), perfect for traveling and day trips
- LARGE CANOPY -- Three-tier, extended canopy for maximum UV protection. A peek-a-boo window so you can easily keep a watchful eye on your baby.
- EASY ONE-HAND FOLD -- Convenient one-hand and self-standing fold, perfect for car travel and vacations.
- RECLINING SEAT -- Reclining seat offers 5-point safety restraint system and accommodates child to 50 pounds. (Does not recline completely flat)

Both models here are good umbrella strollers suitable for traveling. However, Kolcraft Cloud Plush is more recommended because of the easy one-hand folding and the better performance. It has better stability. In addition, it comes with a spacious storage basket, a child’s tray, and a parent’s tray.

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