Summer Infant 3D Lite vs UppaBaby G Lite

Below, you can read the comparison between Summer Infant 3D Lite vs UppaBaby G Lite. They are lightweight, portable strollers that can be your options when you are on the go with your baby. Choosing a lightweight and portable stroller is indeed very convenient for traveling, but make sure that the stroller is actually safe, durable, and easy to use.

Continue reading below to learn further about:
– The design and features of each stroller
– Whether the folding and unfolding mechanisms are easy to use
– The capacity of Summer Infant 3D Lite vs UppaBaby G Lite
– The maneuverability and performance of each stroller
– The advantages and disadvantages of each model
– Which model that is generally more recommended

Summer Infant 3D Lite: Design and Features
The last thing that you want when traveling with your baby is struggling with a heavy and bulky stroller. However, Summer Infant 3D Lite has been designed with convenience in mind. It is quite affordable, so it can be an excellent choice if you already have a main stroller and you are now looking for a lightweight secondary stroller. See also: Kolcraft Cloud Plus vs Sport.

Summer Infant 3D Lite is extremely light. It is easy to fold, and the folded form fits easily inside the trunk of any car. The seat reclines for a comfortable napping position or diaper change. And you can adjust the seat position with a single hand. Since the weight is barely 12 pounds, you can easily lift the stroller when necessary. It is equipped with a carrying strap. When put in a car’s trunk, it does not take much space.

Under the seat, you can find a large storage basket where you can put your baby’s diaper box. There is just one minor quirk with the storage basket. Due to the lightweight nature of the stroller, putting a heavy diaper bag in the basket while your child is not on the seat will make the stroller tilt back. To avoid this issue, you can put the diaper bag on the seat until your child gets back.

Just above the seat, there is a canopy with a removable UV visor, which is quite handy and useful. You can change the angle of the visor to provide the best shade, based on where the sun is right now.

The canopy has a storage pocket, but it is somewhat annoying when the canopy is extended far forward. If the pocket is filled with your child’s toys, it will get weighed down and fall on your child. Most of the time, people will just avoid using the pocket and flip it over out of the way.

Summer Infant 3D Lite is already equipped with a five-point harness belt. It has a flap covering the release button. The harness belt is really secure while still being comfortable. There are three different height positions to accommodate children of up to 50 pounds.

Another nice thing about Summer Infant 3D Lite is the height of the handlebar. It is just right for most people. You can push it forward without having to hunch down. The handlebar also has ergonomic finger grooves that enhance the handling comfort.

Summer Infant 3D Lite: Performance
When comparing the performance of Summer Infant 3D Lite vs UppaBaby G Lite, it is important to remember that these strollers are designed for city use. They are not intended for harsh terrain conditions. That said, let’s take a look at the performance of Summer Infant 3D Lite on various surfaces.

Summer Infant 3D Lite is actually very good on paved roads. It is equipped with anti-shock wheels that can reduce the vibrations of bumpy sidewalks and cobblestones. The ride is smooth and enjoyable. This is quite an achievement for a lightweight stroller. Many other models in the category often struggle with ride smoothness.

But Summer Infant 3D Lite is still not really recommended for places with lots of mud, grass, or gravels. It will be difficult to push forward. It is also not recommended for places with large rocks, as the front wheels will struggle to remain in the right direction when they bump onto a large obstacle.

The seat is spacious enough to allow some breathability during the warmer months, but it is also good for winter. There is enough room for you to tuck layers of blankets to keep your child warm.

As mentioned above, the stroller is really easy to fold and unfold. In order to fold, you just need to release the safety latch and pull up the small handle; the stroller will fold in an instant. In order to unfold, you just push a lever and it the stroller will expand back to the full size.

Summer Infant 3D Lite: Pros and Cons
To sum it up, here are the pros and cons of Summer Infant 3D Lite.

– Lightweight and compact, very easy to carry around
– Spacious storage basket
– One-hand seat recline adjustment
– Easy and quick to fold and unfold

– Poor design of the pocket on the canopy
– May tilt back if the storage basket is loaded while the seat is empty

UppaBaby G Lite: Design and Features
UppaBaby G Lite is also a lightweight stroller suitable for traveling purposes. It ticks all the right boxes. It is really lightweight, it is easy to fold and unfold, and it is really compact in the folded form.

The stroller is easy to set up because it comes readily assembled. You just need to snap the cup holder on, and it is ready to go. The folding and unfolding are actually quite easy, but you need to use both of your hands. This stroller is easily one of the lightest in the class, with a weight of barely 11 pounds.

In order to unfold the stroller, you need to lift the safety clip on the left side and then step on the foot pedal until a click is heard. In order to fold, you need to insert the middle finger of each hand into the ring on each side of the handlebar, and use your index fingers to press the adjacent buttons. There is a carrying strap for easy portability.

UppaBaby G Lite is also equipped with a five-point harness. The straps can be easily rethreaded from the back of the seat, so it can grow with your child. The seat has an extendable canopy with SPF50+ protection. Unfortunately, the canopy doesn’t extend far forward, so it won’t provide much shade when the sunlight is coming from the front.

The four wheels are all equipped with locks, so the stroller can remain safely in place while you are loading or unloading your child. However, while the locks of the back wheels are easy to nudge open and close with your foot, the front wheel locks require you to crouch down because they are rather small. This is a bit inconvenient.

Note that the seat does not recline. If your child can sleep in any position, this stroller is probably fine. It is also good when you are on the go, and you are sure that you don’t need a reclined seat for the moment. However, if having a reclining seat is important, then UppaBaby G Lite is not the most recommended choice.

UppaBaby G Lite: Performance
The company claims that UppaBaby G Lite is very easy to carry around with a single hand. While this is true, keep in mind that you need two hands in order to collapse the stroller into the folded form. It can be a problem for some parents.

The stroller performs quite well on a wide range of surfaces. It glides smoothly on smooth surfaces and well-paved roads. It doesn’t vibrate much when moving over some small gravels and cobblestones. The steering is quite easy, too. That said, this stroller is still less stable than bigger, heavier models that offer superior stability. It is not suitable for off-road terrains.

A slight issue is found in the placement of the rear wheel locks. They tend to get unintentionally kicked when the parent is walking and pushing the stroller forward. When this happens, the stroller will stop abruptly. To avoid this problem, you need to walk carefully to avoid hitting the pedals – which is kind of awkward.

The storage basket under the seat is also very spacious. You can easily fit multiple items in it, including your baby’s diaper box. This is quite useful when shopping, as it will allow you to put your items conveniently.

UppaBaby G Lite: Pros and Cons
To sum the discussion above, here are the pros and cons of UppaBaby G Lite.

– Very lightweight and compact folded form
– Spacious storage basket
– Has locks on all wheels to keep the stroller in place

– Canopy not large enough
– Seat doesn’t recline
– Poor placement of the rear wheel locks

Summer Infant 3D Lite vs UppaBaby G Lite

- Durable, stylish aluminum frame (13 pounds) with large seat area
- 4 position recline with 5 point safety harness. Maximum weight and height of child: 50 pounds and 43 inches
- Anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels
- Available in all 2011 G Lite color fashions
- With UPPAbaby stain defend stain and water resistant fabric
- Machine washable

In general, Summer Infant 3D Lite is more recommended. It is lightweight, compact, and very portable. It also has better features, such as the extendable canopy and the reclining seat.

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