Thule Urban Glide vs Bob Revolution Flex

Stroller is an important equipment to have for new family who are expecting their first baby because you will need them to walk your baby or taking them together to do some activities outside. Among those many favorite items out there, Thule Urban Glide vs Bob Revolution Flex strollers are very popular among parents because they offer many useful features and trusted performance. If you are currently confused about which to choose, go check our article below to see which item suit you the best.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Thule Urban Glide and Bob Revolution Flex
– What Thule Urban Glide and Bob Revolution Flex Look Like
– What Thule Urban Glide and Bob Revolution Flex can offer to you
– Thule Urban Glide vs Bob Revolution Flex

About Thule Urban Glide
Choosing the right stroller for every family is not an easy task to do because you will need to consider your need and find the most suitable items that provide all the features to offer you the exact benefit. There are so many strollers out there and some are made for special use or to deal with some terrain types only while you may also find the item that offer a wide range capability like Thule Urban Glide since this is an all-terrain stroller.

This stroller is actually already available since years ago in 2014 and not a new thing anymore but still very relevant to purchase because it is that good. If you have more budget or just want to get a better version of this model, the company also already offer a newer version to this stroller called Urban Glide 2 which is updating the older model with an even better features to make a better stroller with better capability as well.

Thule Urban Glide Design
Thule Urban Glide is an all-terrain with 3-wheels design which means that it will offer a better maneuverability in narrow places like in shopping aisle while also easy when taken together along jogging since it can provide better performance for the exact activity. The overall look is very attractive as a stroller with a good material for building its body whether for the frame or its fabric. This stroller is also compared well to other strollers in its class in term of weight for it only weighs around 23 pounds.

It is definitely not the lightest but you will need its weight when moving on rougher terrain to make the stroller more stable. This stroller is suitable to carry baby since they can support their neck and head up until toddler weighing no more than 34 kg or 74.9 pounds which is quite heavy so you can still use them until your baby are ready to go to school. The seat is well padded to make your baby comfortable enough riding inside.

Thule Urban Glide Features
The first good thing about Thule Urban Glide is its canopy because as you can see, it is very big and long to cover your baby almost completely, so a bright ray from the sun is not a problem anymore here. This canopy is adjustable and you can make them cover almost fully, in the middle or completely open which is great when you are strolling inside a building thus, your baby can see the surrounding more freely.

On top of this canopy, there is a decent sized peek-a-boo window that covered with a fabric and locked with a Velcro. The seat is also big enough to let your baby sit comfortably and secured with an also padded harness. You can recline the seat to be lower when your baby is sleeping by adjusting its strap on the back, but it still can’t be fully flat. When fully reclined, it will reveal additional mesh window for better airflow from the back to keep your baby cool.

On each side of the seat, there are mesh pocket which you can use to keep your baby’s toys, small bottles or snack to keep them entertained. Beside this additional pocket, the main compartment below its seat is also pretty wide with a cover secured with zipper. Some parents may love the design if they often go jogging to make sure what they put inside will be kept there but when strolling in urban area, the cover will reduce the easy-to-reach capability since you need to open it first.

Moving to the upper area, Thule Urban Glide handle is adjustable but not on the length because it have a fixed built but you can make the handle go higher or lower to accommodate both shorter and taller parents by pressing the blue button in each of its inner side. As it has been mentioned earlier, this is an all-terrain stroller, so it is also coming with a good suspension to deal with rougher surfaces. The front wheel is swiveled but you can lock it when needed.

About Bob Revolution Flex
It is always good to have another option when looking or something because then you can compare them and see which unit will suit your need better or more affordable. If you are looking or an all-terrain stroller that you can bring along to jog and running on rougher surfaces, Bob is also have a wide range of similar product in their catalogue. But in this article we will pick the company’s flagship which is the Revolution Flex stroller. (See also : Bob Revolution Flex vs Pro)

This one is many parents favorite when it comes to all-terrains stroller because it is designed and made for the purpose of being taken to jog which is why it can handle different terrains very well. This model is actually launched in 2015 to replace the older Revolution SE but they decided to upgrade it again a year later which bring so much improvement to the current unit such as easier reclined system, larger basket, higher weight capacity and many more.

Bob Revolution Flex Design
From the outside, this stroller looks appealing with the overall design even though there is nothing very special or never seen before here. This stroller is not the heaviest in the market but we can’t say it is lightweight either by weighing around 30 pounds; some people may prefer heavier because it gives a sturdier feeling or lighter weight for better carrying. This model has its Pro model which include an even better feature namely a hand brake, so you can have more control over the stroller when running on a hill.

If you want to know more about the difference between two models, go check our article on Bob Revolution Flex vsPro here.The company upgrade this model from its initial release with a new frame designed which resulting in a heavier weight. The material used is high quality whether it is for the frame or the fabric to make the overall product sturdier yet comfortable for your baby.

Bob Revolution Flex Features
The canopy of Bob Revolution Flex is huge, noticeably better than many other strollers in the market that can goes along down to provide a fuller protection for your baby. This canopy is adjustable so you can make it go fuller, in half or reclined completely when the weather is not the hot out there, so little one can enjoy the view of their surroundings. On top of this canopy, there is a decently sized peek a boo window covered and secured with Velcro.

The upgrade they put on this model also add a longer adjustable handle that goes from 34” to 45” and operated with buttons on its side while the padding gives a comfortable feeling when handled. The seat inside is quite roomy more than its older model with a nice padding for maximum comfort. The material used for this seat is very durable to stay along the time and easy to wash since you will definitely need to clean them from time to time.

This seat can be reclined until almost flat position but still can’t go full flat for younger baby, but it is also not recommended to take less than 6 months baby with stroller while jogging. Bob Revolution Flex is able to take children from 6 months up to they are 75 pounds which is a good thing since you can still use it until your baby is ready to go to school. The frame is suitable with Bob or Britax infant car seats with adapter that you can purchase separately.

In each side of the seat, you can find mesh pocket to store your baby’s needs while the 5 point harness will keep them safe in their seat. The main basket is low and big enough to carry more stuff like diaper bag and since it is open, you can easily access them from back or sides. This stroller’s front wheel can be swiveled but you can lock them when needed.

Now, let’s compare Thule Urban Glide with Bob Revolution Flex. As you may already know, these two strollers are very similar. The prominent difference between them is the weight, folding system, and main basket because Thule is lighter, easier to fold, and has covered basket.

Thule Urban Glide vs Bob Revolution Flex

NameThule Urban GlideBob Revolution Flex
Features- Swivel front wheel for easy maneuverability, locks into place for jogging - Ergonomic handlebar with a range of heights for parent's comfort. The pads are water repellant and removable for washing. Door pass through 25.5 inches- Locking swivel-front wheel for stability when jogging and easy mobility while on the go in the city - Air-filled tires and mountain bike-style suspension system offers an ultra-smooth ride, while the adjustable handlebar creates a perfect fit for parents of all heights

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are equally good product to choose but if we are to pick, we will recommend you to purchase Thule Urban Glide because it is slightly more affordable than Revolution Flex as well as lighter and has an easier folding mechanism.

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