Thule Urban Glide vs Bob

Stroller is an important equipment to have when our family is expanding and it is common to have one or more since they are offering different benefit depend on your needs and the type of stroller you pick. Among those many stroller out there, joggers like Thule Urban Glide vs Bob are very popular among parents who loves to take their baby while jogging. If you are currently looking for a jogger, go check our article below to see which item suit your family the best.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Jogging Stroller
– What are Thule Urban Glide and Bob
– What Thule Urban Glide and Bob Look Like
– What Thule Urban Glide and Bob can offer to you
– Thule Urban Glide vs Bob

Jogging Stroller
There are so many type of strollers out there and they are coming with many different best sides to meets different family’s needs; some are made to be lightweight, some are made to carry more than one children, and some are made to be carried along when jogging or as many people called it joggers. This type of stroller already exist since long time ago and still popular to these days for this is the most suitable type for the activity.

What makes jogging strollers different from many other type of strollers is because they are using more durable wheels and sturdy frame to handle the various roads you are going to meet when jogging. Unlike regular strollers, this type of strollers are using rubber wheels and larger in both sides to make running easier as well as have a suspension to make your baby stay as comfortable even though the road is not completely flat. The last characteristic of joggers is it has 3 wheels, but not all 3-wheel strollers are joggers.

About Thule Urban Glide
When we are talking about jogging stroller, it is weird not to talk about one of the most popular product available now which is Thule Urban Glide. For some parents, this brand may sounds unfamiliar probably because they are not only producing baby related gear but also other traveling gears such as luggage, bags, racks and carrier. The stroller itself is very well-known among parents who loves to jog with their baby because it offers so much dependability and comfort when taken along for both parents and babies.

Urban Glide is not a new item because this stroller is already launched and available since 2014 which is why, it is already have a name of its own in the market. If you don’t have issue about budget and want to always own the best thing, the company actually already released the newer model to this stroller called Urban Glider 2, but in this article today, we are going to talk about the older unit on what it can offer to you and how good it already is.

Thule Urban Glide Design
Looking at Thule Urban Glide from the outside, we are sure most of parents can already see why this stroller is among the best for jogging. The fabric as well a frame are made from high quality material to be able to endure the harsh condition where you are going to jog while keeping your baby safe and comfortable inside. Some people may have different preference about stroller weight but even though this one looks bulky, it is not exactly heavy weighing only at 22.9 pounds.

Thule Urban Glide Features
One of the best thing about Urban Glide is the canopy because as you can see, it is big enough to cover your baby from the glaring sun, so they can rest comfortably. This canopy even long enough to cover almost all of the front side leaving only a small gap for your baby’s leg to hang around and see the surrounding. When the weather is not too hot, you can adjust this canopy to be shorter, so little one can have a better view or interact with you while jogging.

This canopy is featured with peek a boo window in a decent sized and secure with velcro. As for the seat, the material they used for this seat is high quality and well-padded along with the harness to increase the comfort for your baby, moreover, this seat can be reclined even though not until fully flat and when you recline the seat; the back side will reveal an additional mesh fabric for better ventilation, so your baby can stay cool while asleep. Check the review on YouTube.

Adjusting the seat is also very easy since you will only need to use one hand to adjust the back strap but re adjusting will still need two hand operation. In each side of this seat you can find pocket made from mesh material which you can keep your baby’s belongings such as bottle, snack, toys or anything to keep them entertained and since it is located near their seat, they can take it themselves. Behind the seat, there is another mesh compartment to keep other things you want to bring together.

The handle of Urban Glide is adjustable and it can go lower or higher through the button in each side of the handle, so parents with different height can use their stroller more comfortably. Since this is a jogging stroller, the wheels are made from rubbers, so make sure to always bring a pump just in case it goes flat while you jog. The front wheel is swivel but can also be locked as you need. The brake is standard and there is no hand brake here to provide more control.

About Bob Revolution SE
It is always good to have another option when looking for something because then you can compare them to see which item will give you the best benefit and for jogging stroller, the rival of Urban Glide is Bob Revolution SE which is also already popular and available since several years ago, so it is actually not a new product and the company probably already not making the unit anymore, but there are some sellers with the stock in various stores.

This is because Bob already offer a new model for this stroller since 2015 ago and they even upgrade it in many sides to offer a better performance; those new strollers are Bob Revolution Flex vs Pro. If you have more budget, these two will provide a better features than this older model but if you are looking for a slightly more affordable model, this Revolution SE is a very good option to go which is of course is still relevant to purchase even today.

Bob Revolution SE Design
Because Bob Revolution SE is a jogging stroller, the design looks very tough and definitely can handle the uneven terrain you are going to run in. Even though they made some improvement to this model, the stroller itself actually already good with a sturdy frame and high quality fabric to make your baby stay safe and comfortable as you take them in your activity. When you compare this stroller to Urban Glide, the prominent difference from their design is the foot rest.

This is because the first stroller have straight foot rest while in this stroller, your baby’s foot will fall into the foot rest below. It should not affect the comfort but they may have difference preference.

Bob Revolution SE Features
Revolution SE’s canopy is just as wide as the newer model and can go very low until it covers almost your baby’s upper body which is good when you are running in summer or when your baby is sleeping to keep them stay comfortable. This canopy is adjustable, so you can either fully expand it to cover your baby, recede it in half when the weather is nice or reclined it fully when your baby want to see their surroundings better.

Unlike with many other strollers that used mesh fabric as a peek a boo window, Bob Revolution SE is using clear plastic material for you to keep an eye in your baby. The seat and harness are well padded to provide maximum comfort and you can recline the seat when they need to sleep by using the strap behind its seat. The seat inside has two mesh pockets to keep your baby’s favorite like bottle and toys or snack, so they won’t get bored.

Additional pocket is located on the back of the seat to keep other things you want to bring along with while jogging. Since this is a jogging stroller, Bob Revolution SE’s wheel is also made from rubber and needed to be pumped when goes flat but this type of wheel is the best when it comes to handling different terrain. The brake is standard in its rear wheel and there is no hand brake here either as well as adjustable handlebar.

Now, let’s compare Thule Urban Glide with Bob stroller especially Revolution SE. As it has been mentioned earlier, the clear difference between these two is the difference footrest design and peek a boo window. However, even though the canopy of these strollers are decently big, when compared side by side, Urban Glide still have a longer canopy while in term of weight it is also lighter which makes it easier to carry around in your trunk. Another difference is Thule has adjustable handle while Bob is not.

Thule Urban Glide vs Bob

NameThule Urban GlideBob Revolution SE
Features- Swivel front wheel for easy maneuverability, locks into place for jogging - Ergonomic handlebar with a range of heights for parent's comfort. The pads are water repellant and removable for washing. Door pass through 25.5 inches- Swiveling front wheel allows for superior maneuverability, locks forward for increased stability jogging or when the terrain turns tough - Easy, two step folding, lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are equally a great option but if you are looking for a lighter jogging stroller or those with longer canopy and adjustable handlebar, we will highly recommend you Thule Urban Glide, moreover, it is also more affordable than Bob Revolution SE.

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