UPPAbaby Vista vs City Select

Not all parents need stroller and they can choose a different type of carriers if the purpose is just to carry their baby around. But, when it comes to better mobility, travel system or stroller is an important equipment to have, moreover, if you have twins. Among those many strollers available, UPPAbaby Vista vs City Select are two great options to pick with their dependable performance and complete features. If you are currently confused about which to choose, go check our article below to see their difference.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are UPPAbaby Vista and City Select
– What UPPAbaby Vista and City Select Look Like
– What UPPAbaby Vista and City Select can offer to you
– UPPAbaby Vista vs City Select

About UPPAbaby Vista
UPPAbaby is one of the most well-known stroller or travel system manufacturer in the market and they are among the best when it comes to introducing new stroller with better features than their former models. To put it simply, they are a company that always improving and offer new as well as better things for the user who also continue to refined their demands. What’s so good about how they designed their stroller is because they based them on real-life experience, so they can see what are the exact sides that needs to be improved.

All of their products are also already meeting the standard required by JPMA and CPSC, so you can rest assure when using their products. They offer various strollers models from the full-sized to the lightweight version but the most popular is their full sized stroller which is also available in two models; Vista and Cruz. Go check our previous article on UPPAbaby Vista vs Cruz to see how they are separated from each other. Vista itself is the biggest full-sized stroller among other similar products from the company.

This stroller has been around for quite some time now and continue being updated to follow the customer’s demand which is why it is keep getting better each years. You can purchase the older model but if you want the best features, we will recommend you to pick the latter releases for they are the main model we are going to talk here, so if you pick an older model, the features may not exactly the same.

The company put numerous upgrades last year, including better tires, narrower frames, lighter weight, improved sunshade, real leather accent, and new colors while this year they add an even more color options and longer bassinet as well as front wheel that made with the same material as the rear.

UPPAbaby Vista Design
When looking at UPPAbaby Vista, you will realize that this stroller is undeniably good looking with its sturdy material both on the frame and fabric added with aforementioned leather accent to improve its overall elegance look. This stroller is strong enough to carry up to 50 lbs. children and it is also coming with an extra-large basket to carry other things like diapers, toys etc. when you purchase the stroller, you will get a matching bassinet that can be instantly attach to the frame.

UPPAbaby Vista Features
The seat of UPPAbaby Vista is roomy measuring around 12” wide and 19.5” long from the back of the seat to the top of its canopy, but you can adjust the canopy to be longer, so it will get an extra room for about 2 inches. This seat is not only roomy but also reversible, so you can have an option to place your baby facing you or facing the front looking its surrounding. It comes with a handle thus, they can hold onto it while traveling.

Vista Canopy is not only large but also featured with SPF 50+ pop out sun visor which is long enough to even reach the bumper bar to protect your baby from harmful UV rays. Another good point from these two besides their quality materials is the canopy can even be slides up and down to accommodate older and younger children. You can find its large peek-a-boo window at the top made from mesh to keep an eye in your baby while walking.

Just like many other strollers, you will need an adjustable handle bar since our height are not always the same, so it is good to let taller or shorter parents to adjust them according to their preference. The aforementioned genuine leather to cover this handle is even treat with no chemical in its tanning process, so it can reach the EU requirements for chemical testing. Not only reversible, its seat is also can be reclined up to 5 different positions, but it still can’t lay flat, so it is still not as suitable for newborn.

This stroller basket is another thing to love because it can contains up to 30 lbs. of groceries or baby needs like diaper bags and their foods or drinks while strolling. Vista is using polyurethane wheels which makes them solid, so you don’t have to deal with flat tires no more. As for the brake, it is placed at the rear right wheel and is flip flop friendly. If you have twins, you can make this stroller into a double tandem by purchasing additional toddler seat.

About City Select
UPPAbaby is not the only company that offer a wide range variant of quality products in the market because Baby Jogger is also offering their own stroller and travel systems with a complete set of features as well as dependability for both mother and baby. This brand is also many parent’s choice when they are looking for a more affordable products since they are known for their low price but without scarifying quality, so you can get a good unit without spending too much.

Baby Jogger is not a new brand because they are already exist since decades ago and just like the name, they are initially made their stroller to be jogging friendly to accommodate those who loves to jog with their babies. With the many experience in their sleeve, this company keeps upgrading their products to meets customer’s more advanced requests. They are making and designing their products based on real life parents experience, so they will know exactly what the users wants.

They offer various strollers and travel system in their catalogue with each main features to highlight the use of their stroller such as those suitable for traveling, for jogging, and those suitable for all kind of lifestyle. Their main and standard stroller is City Select because this one is designed with multiple configurations as a baby stroller and when you add the suitable car seat, it will become a complete travel system.

City Select Design
City Select looks attractive with its sturdy frame and good quality fabric material to keep your baby safe and comfortable at the same time. Just like many other stroller, this one is fortunately also coming in a wide array of color option for you to pick. What’s so great about this stroller design is the many combination available you can used them with suitable extensions, so you can attach additional seat, car seat, and even double bassinet if you are expecting a twin.

City Select Features
Baby Jogger City Select is supporting reversible seat, so you can adjust them as you want and not only the toddler seat, all of its extension are also reversible even though some combination may need additional adaptor as well, but this many amount of options is definitely a good point for parents who have different preferences from the most common seat combinations. It also means you can adjust it based on the baby’s need, such as they can be facing each other when in good mood and backwards when they are cranky.

From the picture, the seat of City Select may look small but it is not in real life because it is measuring at 12” wide and 21” high from the top of its canopy to the back of the seat. This canopy is even adjustable, so you can add approximately another 3-inches at the top making it has 24” height. You can adjust its reclining position with a simple one lever system but, since the seat is molded, even when you reclined it until almost flat, they are not going to be completely flat and keep in “V” shape.

The canopy is decently large enough to cover your baby from the sun when walking and featured with a large peek-a-boo window covered with a magnetic closure, so it won’t make much noise like the Velcro or zipper type. To accommodate parents with different height, this model is coming with telescoping handle bar which you can adjust from 38.5” up to 41.5” from the ground. As for the wheels, they are filled with soft foam, so they won’t go flat while parking is using hand brake for better convenience.

Now, let’s compare UPPAbaby Vista with Baby Jogger City Select. As you can see, both of them are offering a similar capabilities. Their prominent difference is because City Select can support more combinations but is not coming with the bassinet like Vista. Another important difference is on the brake because Vista is using pedal brake while the other is hand brake which is easier to use.

UPPAbaby Vista vs City Select

NameUPPAbaby VistaBaby Jogger City Select
Features- Includes and full size front or rear facing toddler seat with multi-position recline - Compatible with MESA Infant Car Seat - direct attachment, no adapters necessary - New Longer mattress pad with ventilation for added breathability- The Stroller: Our most versatile yet, the City Select grows with your family and could be the only convertible stroller you'll ever need! - The Fold: Patented quick fold technology allows stroller to fold in one step

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good choice when you are looking for a dependable stroller, but after considering the features and price, we will recommend you to pick Baby Jogger City Select with its many seat combinations and hand brake. If you need another seat, you can just purchase additional seat following your need.

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