UPPAbaby Vista vs Cruz

Stroller purchase can be quite a hassle for new parents who currently expecting their first children because the lack of experience and numerous of choices available. The easiest way to pick the best item is looking for popular products since they are already gain so much trust from other users just like UPPAbaby Vista vs Cruz. They are not only well-known among parents but also offer many useful features for you to consider. If you are currently confused about which to choose, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is UPPAbaby
– What are UPPAbaby Vista and Cruz
– What UPPAbaby Vista and Cruz Look Like
– What UPPAbaby Vista and Cruz can offer to you
– UPPAbaby Vista vs Cruz

About UPPAbaby
Stroller is an important thing to have inside your baby gear’s list when you are expecting your first born or considering to purchase an item that can be a huge help when going outside with your baby. Not all parents need it but those who want a better mobility or want to lessen the burden on their shoulder should opt for the equipment. Many parents are using stroller or travel system to take their baby when strolling or doing other tasks like shopping, so their baby can seat safely and comfortably.

There are so many strollers out there but their main function are still the same even though some of them obviously offer a better features and capability among its peers. Some stroller may designed to provide a better mobility and some might designed to be suitable for other activities such as jogging. They also may come with 4 wheels or 3 wheels depend on the model, so you can pick based on preference.

Among those many companies who offer travel system, there are several brands that stand out because of their reliability both on the material quality and features side. UPPAbaby is a very well-known brand in the stroller market and the choice of many parents when it comes to a stroller that not only dependably safe and comfortable for your baby but also pleasant to the eyes with its fashionable look. This company has spent more than few years to develop their products which are all based on their real life experiences, so they can offer the ones that meets parents expectation.

All of UPPAbaby’s products are already meeting the standard required by the Juvenile Product Manufacturing Association and Consumer Product Safety. Since they are making the products based on real life experience, as you can expect, they are continueing to upgrade and improve them to meets the raising standard of parents nowadays. This company offer two types of strollers, the full sized and lightweight version but the most popular is the full sized consisting of Vista and Cruz.

About UPPAbaby Vista
If you ever looking for the best stroller in the market, chances are you probably also ever see UPPAbaby Vista in those lists because this model is very popular. As it has been mentioned before that the company keep improving their products to meets parent’s expectation; this model is also has been upgraded several times, in last year and this year as well. The upgrade is not massive and only improve some of its already good points such as narrower frame, better tires, lighter weight, more color variants, and the newest is a longer bassinet.

UPPAbaby Vista Design
Just like many other UPPAbaby’s stroller or travel system, Vista is very attractive even from the first look with its sturdy frame and soft yet durable fabric material that won’t make your baby uncomfortable when being inside. They offer a wide range of color options such as black, red, army green, grey, and navy blue as well as other colors to pick if you are the type who love to match your baby’s overall outfit to their strollers. It has a pretty big basket to store your belongings or baby’s needs.

UPPAbaby Vista Features
As a full stroller, UPPAbaby Vista is already coming with their own bassinet, so if you are worried about spending too much already, at least you can save from the carrier or finding the one that compatible with the stroller. For those who like options, this travel system seat is reversible, so not only it can support different compartment, you may also make it to face either the parents or the front which can be huge feature to accommodate bonding.

To allow your baby get comfortable in many positions, the stroller seat is able to be reclined up to 5 positions, so you can even start using it from 3 month age while the most upright position will be useful just in case your baby loves to seat while pulling themselves on the bumper bar. Adjustable handle bar is another important feature to accommodate the parent’s height, so both shorter and taller parents can use the stroller more comfortably. This handle is even covered with a genuine leather to enhance the appearance.

As it has been mentioned earlier, Vista is coming with a pretty big basket and this one is actually can handle as much as 30 lbs. of weight which means you can go to shopping and fit the grocery there, so you don’t have to carry them yourself. As for the wheels, this stroller is using 4 solid polyurethane wheels and since they are solid, you don’t have to experience flat wheels again. It can handle basically any type of surfaces such as grass, gravel or even an uneven pavement.

For easy storing or carrying around with car, this stroller is using one-step folding system and you can do it with the seat also if you want but the weight will be heavier and less easy to carry. The brake is located at the rear right wheel and is flip flop friendly, so you should be able to operate it easily. As for the canopy, Vista has a huge canopy with SPF 50+ pop out sun visor to protect your baby and a large peek-a-boo window from mesh.  Read also: Stokke Crusi vs Xplory here.

About UPPAbaby Cruz
Beside the popular Vista, UPPAbaby also has another full sized stroller or travel system in the name of Cruz. This stroller is very similar to Vista but is also different because it is more like the combination of a full sized stroller with a light-weight model and since they are quite similar to each other, many parents are wondering what the clearest difference between both strollers is. Well, the answer is very simple, the difference between them is because Cruz is lighter than Vista.

UPPAbaby Cruz Design
Just like the sister, Cruz is a very fashionable stroller with a simple yet pleasant design made from quality material. If you ever see or use the full sized stroller, this one has smaller footprint, lighter body, and more compact when folded. The company also put some upgrades into their stroller last year and those improvements are consisting of better materials, genuine leather for handle, polyurethane wheels, and a better locking system to hold the stroller together when folded. This year they upgrade it with only wider color options.

UPPAbaby Cruz Features
Just like Vista, the seat of Cruz is reversible, so you can make your baby facing either you or the front to see its surrounding which is a good option to have since not all stroller are coming with this ability. Its seat is also wide enough to make your baby comfortable while riding, moreover, this stroller canopy is adjustable, so you can accommodate taller children or older toddler and enhance the used of this stroller. The seat is measuring at 12” wide with 20” seat back and around 20” – 22” from the bottom to the top canopy.

The canopy is similar like Vista, it is huge enough to protect your baby from the sun and featured with pop-out sun visor made out of woven fabric that will be less wrinkle but still provide a protection of UPF 50+ and it is long enough to drop down into the bumper for maximum protection against the harmful UV rays. Its telescoping handle bar is adjustable from 40” to 43” from the ground to accommodate parents with different heights while the handle itself is covered with genuine leather material.

As it has been mentioned above, Cruz is upgraded to have polyurethane wheels that mimic air-filtered tires, so you don’t have to deal with flat tires anymore. Even though it is the same wheel as Vista since this is made to be more compact, this wheels are also smaller. The brake is placed in the middle of rear wheels and is soft enough without scratching your shoes.

Now, let’s compare UPPAbaby Vista with Cruz. As you can see, both of them are coming with similar capabilities, so whatever features you can find in Vista are also available in Cruz. What separate them from each other prominently is because Cruz is smaller and more compact as well as lighter than Vista, so it can be carry around and store easier. Another difference is because Vista is heavier and bulkier, it is also can be used for double carrier to seat two babies even though you will probably need an adapter to install them.

UPPAbaby Vista vs Cruz

NameUPPAbaby VistaUPPAbaby Cruz
Features- Includes and full size front or rear facing toddler seat with multi-position recline - Compatible with MESA Infant Car Seat - direct attachment, no adapters necessary - New Longer mattress pad with ventilation for added breathability- Compact stroller frame that stands when folded - Includes full size front and rear facing toddler seat with a one-handed multi-position recline - Performance travel system compatible with mesa infant car seat-direct attachment no adapters necessary

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are and equally good option for a features rich stroller but you should pick based on your need. If you want a lighter stroller, Cruz is the right choice with its smaller footprints but if you are expecting twins or just want something bulkier to carry heavier things in the basket, the best option is UPPAbaby Vista.

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