Strolling with the baby outside is a nice activity so they can see the world surrounding them but it can be hard on the parents as well. Baby stroller like ZOE XL1 vs XLC are a great option to have around when welcoming the little one so both of us can enjoy the outdoor activities with more ease since the parents don’t have to hold the children all the time. For those who are also eyeing these strollers, see our article below to choose the best choice.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using Baby Stroller
– Which Stroller to go
– What are ZOE XL1 and XLC
– What ZOE XL1 and XLC Look like
– How are the Canopy in ZOE XL1 and XLC
– How are the Passenger Seat in ZOE XL1 and XLC
– How are the Handlebar in ZOE XL1 and XLC
– How to Fold ZOE XL1 and XLC

Baby Strollers
Parents often having it hard when taking care of their babies because most of us are already worn out from the all-nighters and trying to keep up with our little one’s waking hours which often not the same from time to time. It is also the same when the parents have to go outside and there is no one home to keep an eye on the children so we don’t have any choice than to take them along as well.

This is not a problem when they are already big enough to walk themselves but those with smaller toddlers or babies may want to have stroller around to help ease the job. Many of us are relying on strollers because they are one of the most helpful gear to get when having a baby, for it is not impossible to feel tired quickly while holding the baby all the time while you finish other tasks out there like shopping or doing some light errands.

A stroller will take care of the whole weight we have to carry from both the baby and their belongings such as diaper bag when we travel or just taking a fresh air in a nearby park. They will keep the baby safe and comfy on the passenger seat while the wheel will roll as we push the handle so we don’t need to hold the weight all the time. Many of them are also travel friendly for bigger children when they are in an adventure with the parents.

Stroller Types
Baby strollers are available in various types and it is best to get the one that fits the family needs the most for not all of us will have the same criteria. The most commonly used is full size stroller which in general heavier, sturdier, and can take certain infant car seat to make a whole travel system so we can use them since day one. The next type is lightweight or sometimes called umbrella stroller because of the compact design and minimum features.

Lightweight strollers like Babyzen YOYO+ vs Mountain Buggy Nano are a great choice when the parents often travel or live in an urban area that needs something to carry lightly while using public transportation. In addition, we also have jogging strollers and as the name suggests, it is the one we go to when planning to take the baby while doing the exercise and one of the best features of joggers is they can be used in various surfaces including gravel or uneven roads due to their air filled rubber tires.

About ZOE XL1 and XLC
If you are going to go outside with the baby and enjoy some quality time while enjoying the surrounding scenery, having a stroller will be very useful and with one, we don’t have to deal with sore muscle anymore as well as move better while the children can sit or nap more comfortably on their own seat. Since there are so many demands on baby stroller, the option will increase as well and it may need some moments before we found the perfect choice.

Among those many options from different brands with different models, ZOE is one of the best options to look at if you are looking for a good quality strollers that won’t break the bank because they are well-known to always be reliable when it comes to useful features. The problem is, they do have some similar models on the catalogue such as the popular XL1 and XLC stroller that in a glance look like the same item and it is making us wonder which one of them will be the most ideal pick.

Both of them are an almost identical baby strollers and in comparison, the XL1 was first released than the latter; it seems to be the new generation of ZOE’s previous stroller XLT with similar features. The most important difference between these beautiful sisters is on the type itself because while they look the same, in fact the XLC stroller is meant to be the compact option for parents who are planning to carry their children while traveling.

This is because the whole stroller is smaller and overall not as rich in features than the XL1 sister so they can be friendlier when the parents are often spending their time using public transportation like planes for it fits the required weight limit and form better. However, almost all the things we get on the full size strollers are also available on the compact version, making it quite a hard decision to do especially with some of their benefits.

ZOE XL1 and XLC Design
As you can see on the sample pictures above, ZOE XL1 and XLC are a very pretty strollers with slim frame tubes and stylish design. The sample picture we are using above are black and blue but there are other color options as well when you pick the XLC such as red, purple, lime green, and navy just in case if these shades is an important part to consider. ZOE does claimed that XLC is a lightweight stroller and is said to be weighing less than 11 lbs.

However, the XL1 stroller is also weighing in the same range which is surprising since we do hope to see a great difference between both. They have the same fabric but the XLC stroller is smaller in comparison or more specifically not as wide while the seat doesn’t recline as deep as the full size version. They are only ideal for babies older than 3 months because none of them can accept infant car seat yet, nor have an adaptor that we can install.

ZOE XL1 and XLC Canopy
When looking at almost any strollers, our eye first lay on their canopy because these are the most visible point on one and in this side, ZOE XL1 and XLC are coming with a thick, elongated canopy which we adore so much since not all strollers have the same features. What’s different is the length because the one in the full size version is extending further until reaching the belly bar in the front while the more compact version is about a few inches above it.

Like many other strollers, they also have a peek a boo window at the top of the canopy to see your little one and it is magnetically locked with a wide fabric so they are not constantly open and it is also fairly quiet when locking or unlocking.

ZOE XL1 and XLC Passenger Seat
On the children seat everything are almost the same because we still get the same light padding and 5-point harness to keep the passenger safe yet it is unfortunate that we can’t mount any car seat here and make it a more useful travel system set. What’s not the same on their seat is the full size does recline the seat until further back so children can lay their body better while the ZOE XLC is a bit less and not able to reach the same level of recline we see in XL1.

ZOE XL1 and XLC Handlebar
Moving up, here we can see the handlebar of ZOE XL1 and XLC and the type they have featured here is a connected handle but it is in a fixed position with a height of 40.25-inch from the floor and it is a very ideal height both for tall and a bit shorter parents but we do think it is still better with a telescoping adjustment if possible. Near the handlebar there is a cup holder that we can use to fit bottle or tumbler on the go.

Folding ZOE XL1 and XLC
When it comes to folding, both of them are easy to get done and undone in a matter of seconds but as for XLC, we may need some tries first before mastering the system. XL1 stroller is more straightforward and we only need to fold the canopy, straighten the seat then pull the handle located on the children seat to collapse the whole unit. As for XLC, we have to push the handlebar down and match the pressure with the stroller joint points then the unit will fold automatically.

Unfolding them is as easy as a jolting the strollers a little bit higher above the floor until the frame is unfolding automatically. They are not the best stroller in terms of keeping our mind at ease but the XLC does form a very compact folding size measured at 22-inch tall, 17.5-inch wide, and 6-inch deep.

Comparing these two close sisters is great to see which model will be the best option and there is no one most suitable model for all since not everyone has the same needs. The difference between both are XLC become more compact when folded, slightly lighter than XL1, recline not as further as XL1, has shorter canopy, and more expensive as well as don’t have bumper bar in the box.


- EXPANDABLE – This every day single stroller grows from a single to a double (front to back) with an expandable tandem add-on set. This expansion capability means your family can grow without needing to buy a double stroller.
- COMPACT – This high grade convenience stroller for newborns and older is Disney approved and fits nicely in a car trunk as well as some airplane overhead compartments. The one-hand fold makes it super-compact in seconds.
- CONVENIENT – Keep snacks and drinks where you need them with a snack holder and cup holder for them and a detachable cup holder for you. The elastic storage basket can carry even more, including toys and diapers.
- LIGHTWEIGHT – This high grade stroller is built to last while weighing less than 11 pounds, making it the best stroller for children 3 months or older.
- COMPACT – This single stroller is Disney approved and airplane ready, from easy rolling to easy folding, and can fit in virtually any plane overhead compartment.
- EASY FOR TRAVEL –With a tall handle, extra kickspace, a magnetic peekaboo window, and oversized standard wheels, this stroller can handle anything whether you’re in the city or on the trail.

At this point we are sure most parents can decide to go with which model because both of them have few substantial differences and it is great to choose based on which you feel suit the family better. For those who are not going to use the stroller for everyday strolling, XLC is a more convenient option but, as the main stroller, ZOE XL1 with deeper seat and longer canopy is a more ideal choice.

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